DollyMoo Body Oils (Lilac & Sandalwood Spice)

While some brands toy with retro packaging and kitschy, kitschy cool copy that playfully entices you amp up your organic wares in the beauty cabinet – dead sea salts for the bath or a wholly shea butter balm – the elementally brilliant DollyMoo shows you just how good and simple utilitarian body oils can be straight up fun. Their appropriation neither lacks risk nor sexuality. Sure, they offer the bedrock classics like Vanilla or Lavender oils for purists seeking to layer the oils with their fragrances. But, go step ahead and give us huile enthusiasts two excitingly fresh iterations – Lilac & Sandalwood, both scented treatments for skin & hair that have a bold charm with strong moisturizing roots.

Hand blended in small batches at a time, the medium-weighted oils are made from Grapeseed and organic Golden Jojoba oils with Vitamin E added to stabilize the hugely never-ending bottles of botanical bliss. From here, each undergoes an artisanal re-imagination of bare basic essentials to give you a classical taste of your favourite essence. For example, nothing stands in the way of some powerful accords of sweet, unrestrained Lilac oil in the namesake body elixir ($26). The succulent essence feels centered, as if suspended between the carriers, that holds beautifully for an impressive length of time until it transforms into the quiet solitude of its floral heart. You feel a nostalgic twinge with this subtly fragranced oil that will undoubtedly remind of you some enviable perfume you encountered when you first started shopping for your personal scent. It's integrity has been kept in tact very nicely, bringing a a meditative, calming experience. In contrast is the traditional Sandalwood Spice Body Oil ($26), which has the same core of carriers as above, but now weaves heavily baroque timbers of an understated Sandalwood with a raw & resinous Frankincense to yield a quietly solid and warmly meditative swirl of a scent. But, there is a resinous Frankincense spike that predominates at its opening, which some will find inviting & layerable with just about any floral oil. Try deepening a body oil with these incense-y undertones and you'll get what I mean.

The oils are pretty with a sensual edge; the closest thing to saturating your skin with a bouquet or stick of incense. You’ll actually want to keep inhaling both, as surprisingly they even layer well together, which makes DollyMoo all the more addicting. After you’ve sampled your favourite essence, you’ll wonder just how many different confectionary imprints you can create on your own. With the reasonably priced bottles (40% recyclable, always), DollyMoo is definitely the place to start when wanting to try out body oils with that delightful innocence but without any of that dreaded candied frothiness.

Simple, sheer, organic pleasures to enwrap the skin & soul.