Carol’s Daughter Tui Moisturizing Hair Oil | Jojoba & Shea Butter Hair Sheen

Carol’s Daughter is that one brand that is fabulously helping the giddy revival of the great hair oil and brings such a wide assortment of florals that range from whimsical renditions of tropicals to the subdued, more entertaingly impish scents that twinkle in whatever parabens- sulfates- synthetic dyes- petrochemicals-phthalates free treatment you reach for. Every time I pop by display units at Sephora, I spend more time sniffing out the marvelous simplicities of the scented bottles and tubs. Quite frankly, it’s sometimes simpler to say what the brand doesn’t do wrong—anything—than what it does right. The Tui Moisturizing Hair Oil ($10) is an intense, instant, scented hair treatment that when used weekly revives, strengthens, and gives shine & finesse to hair.

Yo can’t go wrong with this budget find. Actually, a jewel of a find. At its heart is Corn oil, which has been found to contain 59% linoleic acid, a deep source of Vitamin E. Sci-fi proof shows in a 2007 research article published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, linoleic acid was found to "lower likelihood of senile dryness (dryness as a result of aging)," and to be associated with "better skin skin-aging appearance" among middle-aged American women. As such, Corn oil is a highly emollient source of moisture, though some may think it’s quite heavy on hair. But, it’s the contrary – Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil actually is light-bodied in texture and washes out with one rinse of your any day shampoo. Corn oil penetrates easily into the hair & reinstates the deficiencies of lost hair health. About a quarter size squirt can be used as a bi-weekly deep hair conditioner, or twice that saturated over the locks for a concentrated hair mask. I opted for the latter and found my baby fine tresses came out salon smooth just after one soak. Safflower oil is also added, since it, too, being a lightweight carrier, seeps straight away. In addition to full of flounce waves, the scent is also what blooms.

While Chamomile and Calendula extracts are comparatively modest when a liberal amount of oil is used, the jubilant tropical scent is quite lively! It’s like an island fun cocktail of Guava, Mango & Passion fruit are ostentatious in their thrush but comforting in their resilience. Yes, the scent does last during any spa-like conditioning session with a retro-beginning flourish which is certain to transport you to some sand-in-your-face childhood memory. Uncompromisingly talky as the scent unfolds, but with a subtle rooty touch of aromatic green from its botanical extracts. I’d almost want to use this oil when slicking hair back in my low French bun, but then realized the Tui Jojoba & Shea Butter Hair Sheen ($18) gives me the spray functionality for the early morning mad dash.

The same moniker – Tui – brings a different lot of oils into a non-sticky composition: Sweet Almond, Soybean, Jojoba, & Wheat Germ oils are lightly layered in between the creamiest sheets of Shea Butter. It’s the perfect spritzer for braids & buns instead of sticky gels, as not only does the misty dry oil keep flyaways in check & keep manageability in check, but also you’re treating those dead ends at the same time. The Hair Sheen is an easy practice of simplicity, practicality and tactility - the perfect ‘non-oil’ oil for to treat hair. And, a winner for me as it imparts a smooth, candied Black Vanilla, which does start off as synthetic but softens to a likeable finish. Considering how many other chemical offenders the brand smartly avoids, I’d wish Carol’s Daughter would opt for essentials over synthetic parfums to bring a refined, aromatic depth to these classic oils. Ah, a girl can dream.

The Tui hair oils bring two differently fantastic results for that one hair crisis we all get – dry, frayed ends.