Blissoma Deep Moisture Oil Serum

If you haven’t heard of Blissoma, don’t be surprised. It’s not your typically glitzy brand of oils or even one of those hyped up luxury serums. It doesn’t even fall into any of those the kitschy, hipster brands, which even I sometimes prefer for their cheeky course of aesthetics and surprising pops of particularly skanky whiffs which tickle me to no end. Yes, a girl should have a wardrobe of oils to suit her every whim. And, when that mood calls for some seriously penetrative power for winter’s finicky winds, Blissoma’s Deep Moisture Oil Serum ($29.99) is the no-flash choice for perking up skin from its lackluster, blotchy tone & withered away flaky self. The medium-bodied, ambery oil is not for you if sweet floral blends are your huile du jour. Bottled up here is a 100% vegan elixir (always blended in small batches to preserve the integrity of the essences) with carefully calibrated, medicinally-tinged oils – 10, unrefined seed oils to be precise - which work to activate the restorative functions of skin to reveal more luminous texture while providing long term moisture and resilience. Unrefined is key at Blissoma since the processing of oils can strip away some the originally in tact, skin-healing elements.

Distressed skins will appreciate the Evening Primrose, Grapeseed, Jojoba, and Raspberry oils entwined to bring deft pockets of moisture to rehydrate deeply. But, since cell turnover decreases as we age, Rosehip is also added to help revive and tone the complexion. The composition rounds out with Cranberry, Tamanu, Hemp, & Pomegranate oils while Seabuckthorn Berry and Calendula extracts bring antioxidant activity. Hemp & Tamanu oils are so overlooked as deliciously nutritive carriers:

  • Hemp is about 80% essential fatty acids, specifically GLA (gamma-linolenic acids) lipids, which aid with cell regeneration. This good to know if skin has been exposed to direct sunlight and dry air with SPF, which can lead to peeling and brittle skin
  • Tamanu has a smattering of complex polyphenols, which have been known to act as a natural sun protectant and save skin from UV-induced DNA damage and oxidative stress. In other words, wrinkling.

The naturally derived, botanical based oil does take a few seconds to slip into skin, but when it does, nary a shine remains. Really, it’s almost like a 'non-oil' oil with thinness but, ironically, makes for one intensely rejuvenating overnight mask. Spread across skin about 30 min before bedtime and you’ll wake up to some gloriously plumped up skin. Scentwise, it’s a woodsy embrace of Atlas Cedarwood, Palmarosa, Neroli, Helichrysum & Rosemary. While it’s not an aggressive smack of these essences, the oil does come off like a one-accord wonder as the Neroli is furtively tucked behind the warm Cedarwood, which gives the oil a luscious dark but rooty feel without any greenery from within. To date, I’ve only seen one other oil (for the body) with Cedarwood, which makes me wonder is it an essence suffering from some sort of snicker-fodder of scent? Don’t think it’s a heavy scent. It’s actually quite a refreshing change from the usual gamut of citruses lacing most face oils. You do feel like you’re using some pretty effective, pharma grade essences when you’re not being the distracted by the prettiness of any infused blooms.

The result is a discernibly clear & smooth oil with virility and an affordable price tag that won’t break the bank. What below-the-beauty-radar Blissoma lacks in marketing heft, the brand makes up for in the inventiveness of its splendid & unwavering botanicals.