Bikini Kitty No-Nick Razor Oil

Beauty writers are a wild bunch. I’ve been known to do some pretty crazed out things when sampling and testing new products in the name of beauty. And, I’m not making any bones about my uninhibited lust for wanting to test some of the most unusual products. What are some cringeworthy things I’ve secretly archived from my past? Egg white & Avocado masks became the sticky norm. Lipsticks are cream shadows were fun but gloopy. Dumping a gallon of milk into a running bath kind of caused a stink. Making an oily skin spritz out of apple cider vinegar became a freak show for my contact lenses. I’ve used a cigarette lighter to melt lip liners. Tried to plump the hair shaft with beer. Mashed up Kiwi with sugar to scrub the face. Layered on deodorant as an anti-shine primer, which clogged my pores. And, of late, I’ve dumped the ever-popular pastel loofahs for kitchen scouring scrubs to exfoliate legs.

Yes, nothing is ever off limits in the folly of beauty. It takes time, practice, and a few hastily thwarted accidents to get a secret worth sharing. So, what whacked out trick could I possibly try with an oil? The latest experiment - I shaved. No, not my legs. No, not even the arms. Curious to test out Bikini Kitty No-Nick Razor Oil ($6.95), I fearlessly shaved the wispy sprouts over my upper lip a la Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Oh, why the heck not? It’s hair & it’ll grow back. I mean the right brow did after a wayward attempt at one of those at-home strips gone awry. Though I usually opt for threading, I thought I’d spare my readers the gory details of sharing the results of shaving where the sun don’t shine, which is where the oil is actually meant to be used. The organic formula contains Grapeseed, Olive, Meadowfoam, Wheat Germ, Cranberry, Red Raspberry oils while Rosemary and Neem oils are added to enrich the delicacy of the protectant. It’s a lightweight oil, which has a nice slick to it. For the smoothest shave, BK suggests you shave at the end of a hot shower when skin is primed and hair follicles are softest. The No-Nick oil gives you the slip you need to easily cut hair and not scrape off skin, while the a drop or two of the oil is applied to the single blade razor to give a smooth shave across while leaving behind hydrated skin. With 4-5 quick strokes in the direction of hair, the upper lip was fuzz-free without any of the usual stark dryness I see after a threading session. Apparently, it’s not the act of shaving that dulls the blade, it’s the water left on the blade that causes corrosion and can lead to nicks and cuts on your legs. Or, the face in my case. Using an oil actually slows the effects of oxidation and extends blade life, so you end up saving a few bucks by buying fewer blades, and produce less waste for the landfill. Environmentally sound, too? Who knew. The oil smells slightly medicinal from the 100% natural, biodegradable Neem, which brings the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial compounds to ensure any open hair follicles don’t end up turning into in-grown hairs. With a superbly moisturizing base, the oil rinses off quickly and leave no greasy residue behind.

And, what about the lady bits? Betwixt us sisters, I decided to coif up the ‘cassoulet’ with the oil for funsies, too. The final word? Tidied up & smooth as a Christmas goose.