What Makes an Infused Oil Different?

Lord, have mercy! Nice to hear the blog finally lauded a sale to some lucky brand. Why choose between the two? Get both! The differences are more than pedantic, but not in quality. Most face and body oils are often carrier oils blended with an assortment essential and/or botanical oils, which is done to dilute the potency of the highly concentrated absolutes. Infused oils differ in that the carrier oil of choice has been soaked for long periods of time with the haughty intelligence of organic dried wild herbs and flowers. Often time, aromatherapists will opt for infusions as the final resulting treatment oil now possesses the benefits of both the carrier oil and the herbs/flowers that were selected for their particular uses.

More often than not, we see Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Olive, Rice Bran, and Sunflower Oils selected as the carriers of choice as these resist higher temperatures. Brands vary on how long their infuse their oils from weeks to months. The resulting potency and scent may be just as persistent and strong as their blended counterparts, but also note, infused also can go rancid.

So, don't feel you have to choose between the traditionalism of infusions vs. the mixmasters of blend. Dry up any bouts of skepticism, as the taste for your chosen sensory poetry is akin to your taste in food or wine. Both types of will categorically prove to bring rich, full effects of face & body oils, but each with its own unique kind of charm.

Nature’s luxuries always have their merits.