Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum

“You can rub garlic on your feet and taste it in your mouth almost immediately,” Tammy Fender says.
This is just how transdermal our skin is. There are few luxury skin care lines that create from this type of all-encompassing holistic mindset of body and soul, instead of focusing on getting some PR-pimped out essence into your pores. Tammy Fender represents the former with her seemingly poetic dialogue that she manages to create with some pretty medicinal-like aromatherapeutic expressions in her modernist but eco-friendly skin care—treatments that are clean, light, and functional. And, despite the brand’s star magnetism, her holistic stance on wellness is still grounded deep within the roots of simple energy imbalances. “I’m working on not only the physical level, but the psychological, emotional, spiritual level.” Frankly, her products speak to you through their bold sense of invigorating scents &e essences. For example, Tammy’s Quintessential Serum ($175) isn’t for the newbie to oils; it’s for that person who is conscious of the detox zeitgeist and of the meditative mood of skin’s moment.

Luxury is about honouring tradition and being wearable as you do. Tammy’s serum with its profound combination of exceptional and specific active ingredients does just that. At the heart of skin juice is Brassica Campestris (and) Aleutrities Fordi Oil, aka Rapeseed Oil. Its an intensely Omega rich oil which is derived from purified plant oils of canola (Brassica Campestris) and tung (Aleurites Fordi) oils under heat and pressure. With its overabundance of Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), the naturally derived oil weatherproofs skin's moisture barrier and increases moisture retention leaving the skin smooth and supple. Certified organic Rose Hip Seed Sunflower Oils are harmonically layered lightly between the medium bodied viscosity brought out by Avocado, Evening and Primrose oils, which supplement recurrent parchness and withering elasticity with more & even more EFAs. For a dewy, even complexion, Rosehip Seed Oil helps as it's a natural source of retinoic acid (the gold standard of anti-aging cell turnover), but the natural form is free of the drying side effects found in the prescription versions. A 2009 clinical study found that Rosehip Oil could diminish scars by up to 27% after 12 weeks, while a 2007 clinical study showed a 23% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles when applied twice daily for eight weeks. What makes Rosehip oil so effective? Its high content of essential fatty acids (such as gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and Omega 9) plus Vitamin C and Quercetin work as potent skin fortifiers.

Superb to begin the day with or for an immediate healthy glow effect, Tammy’s serum is concentrated with stimulating essences to revive lackluster skin and reveal an unparalleled radiance. It combines discrete accords of Rose, Frankincense and Chamomile with the sophisticated gentleness of a whispery resin. The Frankincense (which smoothes the flow of chi energy, calms the nerves, heightens spiritual consciousness &preserves skin tissue) particularly gives the fluidity and an exalted transparence with a comforting and serene bent to the scent. There is a sharply rounded edge to the smell understating the bedazzling sweetness of Rose, and yielding a cool, liquorous sense of freshness. Interesting to note is Chamomile’s tightening effects of tired & puffy skin as it's a natural vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory that promotes circulation. A few drops of the botanic elixir and skin is energized from the inside out. The bottle is simple, the scent so delicate I don’t really notice it and the texture feels so restorative, I want to smother it all over. The oil is softens so nicely, it can undo any spotty patchiness from those office indoor heaters.

Tammy’s fashioned 360-degree experience of an austere face oil has the buzz deservedly so. The serum is such a gentle resonance of essences, you’ll hardly be aware of the aromatherapeutic rigor bottled up and how it melds away into your skin’s soul. And, that’s what good luxury does - makes you feel like no one else has what you do.