Super by Dr. Perricone O-Mega Oil Liquid Nourishment

Dr. Perricone has been doing some healing soul-searching lately. Launched this month is his O-Mega Oil Liquid Nourishment ($42), the first face oil from a major league skin care brand hopping onto the curative, oil-based treatment trend. And, he didn’t have to venture very far when it came to pruning his arsenal of Omega rich ingredients for organic oils which would increase skin hydration. Traditionally, he’s touted the uncompromising benefits of naturally nutritious superfoods brimming with Omega 3’s – notably fish oils. The fruit of the good doc’s scientific research? Dr. Perricone - an architect of seductive skin-intelligence – now re-introduces Chia Oil to feed skin.

“Chia seeds are the most exciting new superfood I’ve come across recently,” says Dr Perricone. “Chia seed oil improves the skin’s barrier function, ensuring moisture is locked in and skin remains supple.”

Chia Oil is a wonderfully soft and quick absorbing carrier base, which yields 60% of pure Omega-3 fatty acid action to reduce trans-epidermal water loss and improve the skin’s protective function. Researchers at the Korea University of Dermatology formulated oil extracted from chia seeds into topical products and measured the results on patients afflicted renal dysfunction, which often leads to dry, itchy skin. After 2 weeks of regular use, patients’ experiences improved skin hydration, reduced trans-epidermal water loss and a decrease in itchy skin thanks to the richness of the oil's proteins, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and host of skin-loving minerals.

O-Mega Oil Liquid Nourishment is a light-bodied oil, so light it works well for use in the day under moisturizer. It exudes a whisper of elegance – Meadowfoam Seed, Kukui Seed, and Rice Bran Oils are spun in unison with cold-pressed, extra-virgin, and unrefined Chia Oil. Copious amounts of Vitamin A, E and even a C ester are added to deepen the antioxidant and cell turnover action. Though you’d expect a chemically heavy-footed oil from a physician’s line of skincare, this just-off-the-doctor’s desk modernist gem of a serum is surprisingly devoid of parabens, glycols, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance. Though the face oil does leave skin refreshingly scented with diaphanous layers of a demure Jasmine, likely from a plant based aldehyde (Amyl Cinnamal), not the essential oil. If the essence of Jasmine had a light, linear shadow of its usually lush self, this would be such a scent - elegant yet convivial, and thoroughly radiant in its simplicity.

The face oil is a fantastically solid and sensible antidote to those department store serums, which often have miniscule amounts of supposed hero ingredients that promise to save skin – it’s a treatment that brings sublime comfort with its inventive play of oils.