Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum

Red Flower can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s probably the only apothecary that solely focuses purely on plant and floral botanicals almost as a vehicle for mythmaking in skin & body care. If I had to jump behind the counter to learn the operatic intricacies of fine oil making, I’d start with this New York establishment. It’s the one online promotion I'd enter again & again to score some $100 gift card with an embarrassing but vain hope. It’s the apothecary I wish I could register at for my birthday splurges, so I can avoid the usual overload of Bath & Body Works fluffery. It’s the one awespiring collection of scents and oils that leave me breathless each & every time I open and pour without regret. And, their newest launch, Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum ($48), just furthers my riveting obsession with the little brand that could. And, does.

For those of you who covet an immaculate but dangerously drinkable oil, so pure in its sourcing and blend, but don’t want to dish out the big bills, the Red Flower hydrator is one the finest, all-around treatments that redefines the sexy, high-performance side of serums. It’s an 100% completely natural elixir employing certified organic elements cultivated from the icy botanic gardens of Finland bottled into a lightweight, easily blendable formulation free from chemical insults like synthetics, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates. The oil’s freshness and vibrancy get you from the opening. At its heart is certified organic Jojoba balanced with Avocado Oil yielding a deeply penetrating moisture base full of Vitamins A, D, E and happy helpings of Potassium, otherwise known as the ‘youth mineral.’ But, what makes this a stand out carrier are its unsaponifiables (sterolins), which are reputed to be beneficial in reducing age spots, healing scars and moisturizing the upper layers of the skin. Unsaponifiables are a large group of compounds called plant steroids or sterolins, so they get to work on softening the skin and reducing barely discernible signs of aging. Monoi Gardenia Oil adds softly lilting accords of sweetness.

From here, the oil unfolds into a veritable bounty of berry-derived antioxidants that are as equally progressive as they are breathtaking in their composition. A sweet cornucopia of cold-pressed arctic Cranberry Seed, Raspberry Seed, Strawberry Seed, and Lingonberry Seed Oils bring copious amounts of scientifically integral Omegas 3 & 6, Vitamins A, B (B1, B2. B3), C and scores of EFAs, which work collectively to promote skin regeneration and reduce transepidermal water loss. After a few nights of skin drenched testing, the limbs feel like they've been immersed within a superquenching moisture bath.

But, what gives the Fresh Berry Oil-Serum its indescribable allure? It’s a clean & fresh scent with its playful reverberation of some pretty unconventional lines of essential oils. Imaginable on their own, but when bottled in Red Flower’s signature frosted bottle, the resulting finish finishes with a lowbrow brilliance on skin. In the same classy dimension of their solitary oils, the novelty of Lavender and Rosemary now shine through the woodsy and resinous soul of the oil. Copaiba Balsam and Guaiac Wood bring a charming slick to Fir with an unwittingly dramatic twist of a verdant Garden Mint. You’ll have to sniff hard, but it’s there, furtive in its presence. The Garden Mint stands stoic against the Juniper Berry as if to prove its mettle against the aromatic tension between sweetness and greenness. Truly, it’s unexpectedly seductive with an erotic allure between this long, fruity trail, which makes the scent excitingly new and compelling strange. With moments of brilliance when you slather, as the warmth of your skin with enliven the green fruity smolder of the Fir with a balanced fragrant edge. It is simultaneously sheer and very satisfying. As a body oil, the cascades of botanicals awash skin with rustic herbal accords punctuated with sweetly delicate floral overtures. Smartly, the oil veers away from the candy-sweet scent you’d expect from its moniker. The overall sense of coolness never leaves skin entirely, but it feels natural with the ordinarily warm herby structure cozily treating skin with nature’s goodness.

How Red Flower and their botanical masterpieces manage to usher you into their aura of exclusivity without any of that commonly mis-marketed haughtiness & pretense is what they do so right. And, do so well.