Joanna Vargas Skincare Rejuvenating Serum

New York City. If any city’s polarizing weather – between extreme biting winters and slicing dry hot summers – can wreak mayhem onto skin with free-flowing environmental aggressors from the ocean’s blustery streams of air, it’s that of the Big Apple. So, when Joanna Vargas, Manhattan's celebrity skin care facialist first caught wind of organic skin care products from Jurlique while working in Tribeca, she felt the streak of aesthetic pride.
“People really loved the smells, loved the fact that the products were safe.” - Joanna
After successful stints as a highly sought after aesthetician with NYC's anti-aging pioneer Dr. Brad Katchen, it was a natural progression for Joanna to use high definition scientific therapies with organic based treatments to fight the war against aging. It was at this junction in her storied spa career, she decided to veer off into the private territory with her own niche philosophy and launch a bustling, booked up skin salon. The inspiration for her debut oil?

My basic inspiration for having those themes in my ingredients was reading Dr. Perricone’s book The Wrinkle Cure years ago. I wholeheartedly agree with his assertion that aging begins with inflammation. Everything I do starts there.

It's an exciting time to see these popular derms & facialists alike lend credence to the face oil & its ability to rival those big-branded dept. store serums with their mass-marketed auras of novelty. Joanna's recent launched, seriously ambitious Rejuvenating Serum ($100) continues her top-tier legacy of skin care fashioning the nexus of where sci-fi meets those richly affirmative essential oils. Joanna’s silky, luxurious serum is seriously nourishing with a cherry-picked collective of highly popular carriers & essences: Argan, Neroli, Olive, Rosehips and Jojoba housed with a tightly capped sanitary pump to keep the oils sparklingly afresh. With its appealingly lightweight viscosity, the serum glides beautifully in to skin and makes it look luminous straight away. No organic vanity table could go wrong with the ritualistic and requisite wrinkle-reducing Argan Oil for treating those deeply fuzzy fine lines & wrinkles. With its highly diffusable Vitamin E constitution, the oil also boasts of unprecedented quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids, squalene, and antioxidants. Thus, despite the daily environmental assault on skin, Argan gets to work on helping to erase those weathered effects. It’s good to know the cells on the surface of your skin rub and flake off steadily and are continuously replaced with new ones. About every 30 days, your body produces a totally new epidermis. Which means new skin should be fed with the highly fortified, skin hero Argan to calm any inflammatory outbreaks and then supplemented with Olive to soften, Rosehips to regenerate, and Jojoba to plump. A sweetly punctual Neroli blended alongside a luscious Rosewood surpasses an expected sense of elegance and brings a virile sharp duskiness underscored by delicate woodsy accords. The de-rigueur floral flourish ends up slightly rendered warmth,  but with a completely elegant restraint as not to annoy the senses. If a scent could tease on the verge of being Baroque, this velvety waft would be it.

The effect of the age-busting oil? Your skin’s metabolism is renormalized and returns to functioning how it did in its youth – with a firmed up resilience. The serum layers nicely under SPF and foundation, though Joanna suggests keeping it away from the area underneath eyes. If you could gingerly rouse up your favourite essences in one bottle to yield a face oil with a eco-friendly modernism – this is it, proving there is some one time when too much of one good thing is never enough.