Evan Healy Pomegranate Repair Serum with Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosol

After clicking through several face oils, you might wonder what happened to the good old unscented ones. Maybe you just don’t get what’s the fuss with Myrrh. Or, you don’t want your nose tickled with any flights of fanciful Neroli. Or, maybe, just maybe, you refuse to embrace the hype over Turkish roses. So, while you won’t start up some anti-scent activism in the comments section of this or any other blog, you will secretly hope an unscented face oil will be uncovered soon enough. So, this is for you - Evan Healy Pomegranate Repair Serum ($38.95) – an unscented, certified organic, synthetic-free serum that targets deficiencies and cell damage in the dermis and rejuvenates skin with effective oils with a spare elegance.

Not a single essential oil has been distilled nor blended into this engaging roster of carrier oils. The nearly full-bodied face oil is comprised from Pomegranate Seed Rose Hip, Jojoba, and Seabuckthorn oils alongside strands of Vitamin E to stabilize. It’s a notable core of moisture overflowing with nutrients and fatty acids, which penetrate instantly to soften away crepiness and fine lines. Together, the combination of enzymes and antioxidants work synergistically to enhance the skin's natural repair process. Of particular note is how the Seabuckthorn berries appear to be an unsurpassed natural source of vitamins A, E and several other carotenes and tocopherols. Sea Buckthorn berries are second only to Rose Hips in Vitamin C content. They are also rich in several other vitamins, including B1, B2, K and P as well as in numerous, scientifically desired flavonoids. Furthermore, the berries have remarkably high content of essential fatty acids and phytosterols. All in all, this addition makes this a seriously amped face oil primed to increase cell turnover and plump up the skin. And what plumping you will see; spread on a dense layer as an intense mask overnight, and wake up to deeply hydrated skin.

But, Evan’s 'free-yourself' ethos doesn’t end with adding a face oil, but rather begins with one. See, she’s also created a line of hydrosols – fine mists – to complement the oils to bring a deeper sense of moisture and help the invaluable essentials penetrate deeper. With her postgrad work & in-depth studies with European aromatherapists and trips to India to learn the art of Ayurveda, Evan expertly adds the energetic action of distilled essentials blended inexorably into a spray form.

Women constantly wonder what makes a treatment so great. First off, a hydrosol is technically the aromatic water that remains after producing an essential oil via steam or water distillation. Some plants are specifically distilled for the resulting hydrosol instead of the hydrosol being simply a byproduct of the distillation. Hydrosols are gently aromatic, soothing and are designed to help keep you cool and refreshed. Unlike essential oils that need to be diluted with carrier oils prior to application, hydrosols are water-soluble, are thus much more gentle than their essential oil counterparts and can be used directly on the skin without further dilution. This helps those with sensitive skins, who may react to potent essences, but still need the added boon of moisture. Evan’s hydrosols are acquired from certified organic, small family-run farms and work well with her face oils, particularly with acneic skin types.

"A fixed (also known as vegetable or plant oil) oil doesn't penetrate very effectively into the skin. But when applied together, one after the other, the penetration is enhanced and immediate. Hydrosols also have a significant remedying action by helping the absorption of the skin's oil, sebum. Teens often go through a period of oily imbalance where the skin will overproduce sebum. Hydrosols help in very effective ways to mix with, and encourage the skin's reabsorbtion of excess oil, without drying the skin.

The Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosol ($23.50) is just the antidote for oilier T-zones. It’s also certified organic and alcohol-free, distilled from a homey farm in Washington. To bring even deeper dollops of moisture, saturate skin with 3 to 5 full but whispery sprays of the crisp Rose Geranium over face and using your clean hands press the tonic into skin, as opposed to any vigorous rubdown. Follow giddily with a few droplets of the serum. Scent haters will like the lack of an essence wafting from within, but be warned, as it will smell like…well…an oil, but wonderfully earthy in some way.

It’s a complete therapeutic experience when adding a hydrosol to your regime giving these sprays a rousing pertinence. On principle, it makes sense, and doesn’t take but a few seconds longer. The tonic disappears on skin within those seconds and while I’m hoping the Repair Serum has gone down deeper, I won’t know for sure. But, the intensity of the oil's richness cannot be denied. Surprisingly, the layered effect of oil and water does mix well making the resulting application lighter and smoother.

Together, it’s a quite playful, and cutely idiosyncratic way to drench dehydrated skin with moisture - dynamic duo as the inconspicuously chic salve for skin’s distresses.