Essence of Vali Balance Massage & Body Oil

You know you hate it when that trickiness of the time of the month rolls around with its monstrous pangs. For its many coded iterations - “I’m riding the crimson wave” or “Aunt Flo is in town” – the straight-laced fact remains, it’s a common anxiety pre and post monthly ladies will want to conquer. Get a grip on the emotional freefall with Essence of Vali Balance Massage & Body Oil ($17), which employs the use of essential oils to curb those cranky cramps and gut-busting bloat. A 100% pesticide-free Golden Jojoba serves as the moisturizing carrier base to transport the hormonally pleasing essences of Lavender (to calm), Grapefruit (to give water retention relief), Clary Sage (to lift the depressive whims), and Geranium (to alleviate cramps).

Massaging the oil into key areas like the temples, stomach, and lower back are key to getting some short-term holistic relief from the first twinge of symptoms such as headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, joint pain, water retention, moodiness and irritability. There's even a name for the hormonally helpful group of oils - Emmenagogue Essential Oils. Use the sparkling Balance Oil to surely lift the mood with it sexy fruity whispers of tempered florals. When you slather the lower folds of your tumme, you’ll notice a soft tang of Grapefruit rounding out the loveliest aspect of the Geranium, which unfolds into a dainty scent. It’s quite a light oil with a feathery viscosity, but pairs extremely well with the Uplift Massage and Body Oil, a complement to the calm. With the same carrier and the same Lavender, Uplift brings a zestier blend with an evergreen astringency from Citral, Spruce Needles, and Bergamot weaved seamlessly to refresh the senses from the lady bit doldrums. The tangy revitalizer works remarkably well when layered over the Balance oil. The result is a delicate haze of essences to nourish not only skin but also the frayed nerves of your ladyhood. Raging moments are quieted. Weepy solaces are brightened. Snappy sarcasm will be softened.

Now, if there was an oil to curb the cravings for chocolate.