Belmondo Nourishing Facial Oil

The charismatic and luminous Daniela Belmondo would probably scoff at me if I fess up to her how I’ve been using Retin-A on my skin.

“We commonly see skincare clients who have experienced tremendous dehydration due to use of Retin-A, a frequently-prescribed topical solution that claims to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Problematically, the ingredients in Retin-A strip the skin so finely that it becomes unable to react normally to environmental effects, thus intensifying dehydration. If you’ve been using a Retin-A product, note that it will usually take about a year for your skin’s full health to return after stopping application.”

Ouch. I had no clue it would take that long to restore the normalcy of my skin. Rest assured, I do use my topical reasons (not for vanity) as it helps keep the cystic flare-ups at bay. Without it, the painful pop-ups end up costing me $50 to zap away. But, I won’t deny it – I am still vain. And, I’m dehydrated, too. Despite the absolute confusion that ensues between using a prescription to treat and face oil to plump skin back up, there’s no doubt her Nourishing Facial Oil ($44.95) is one of the most gorgeously well-blended serums I have come across.

What is it about these north-of-the-border niche brands that bring out some sort of harmonious alchemy with oils? Is it the cleaner puffs of air? The softer water that flows freely? The never-ending greenery with its superabundance of oxygen? Whatever it is, the authenticity of Belmondo’s fair trade essences and organic carriers coexist perfectly in their bottles bringing you much skin-smacking, carnal joy. Daniela’s face serum is one such example of swooning luxury. Rosehip Oil is the leading carrier, which regenerates damaged skin tissues attributed to its high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids. Trans-retinoic acid is a derivative of Vitamin A and is marketed as Tretinoin (Retin-A). The therapeutic effects of Tretinoin in the treatment of a variety of dermatology disorders have been well-researched and recognized for almost 30 years, but because it is a very strong substance, it’s often doled out with prescriptions. Sci-fi proof shows that Rosehip Oil does indeed produce the same benefits of Tretinoin, but without secondary side effects, because the transretinoic acid is contained in a natural state as part of a complex of unsaturated fatty acids. Which means I could legitimately drop my skin sizzler and use the Nourishing Face Oil to ward off those inner beastly zits and not experience any of the usual dehydration that accompanies the nightly treatment.

Daniela is one brilliant aromatherapist for starting off the blend with the preferred carrier to drive cell turnover. Jojoba Seed, organic Evening Primrose, Pomegranate Seed, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, and Carrot Seed oils comprise the rest of the well-balanced elixir. The lightweight serum swaths skin easily, while a vivacious Lavender and refreshing Chamomile smell incredibly natural. The scent ends less assertive but decidedly airy and joyful. While the oil is supremely hydrating, the fresh essentials are both so ephemeral and untamed, they meld into one uncompromisingly delicate blossom with a sophisticated flutter.

It’s no surprise Belmondo has a cultish following with the Canucks. Take a sneak peek at her lip balm with its record roster of rarely seen oils such as Chickweed Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Yarrow Flowers, Marshmallow Leaf, and Goldenseal Root. Have you seen such a fetching round up of coy essences?  It's a balm that's nothing short of nature's coup while pushing the artisanal concept into a whole new territory. And, these are blended in higher concentration before Daniela gets to her specially imported Olive Oil from old-world Italy. Talk about a glossy stick of robust essences to lock in moisture so lips stay quenched – bountiful & satisfying but with a sheer versatility.

Big brands beware: between her thriving blends and her undeniably luminous spirit, Daniela is bringing back the emphasis onto the handcrafted, which will likely turn Belmondo into a brand that is appreciated for its irresistible vitality for your skin & soul.