Ayala Moriel Grin Anointing Body Oil

There is a seamless fusion of function in the Grin Anointing Body Oil ($35) that Ayala Moriel does well, bemoaning the artists’s yearning for the authentic flavors of greenery and the exotic. with Ayala’s oils, there is always seems to be a sort of resplendency, much like fresco art, that shines through - ostensibly minimalist in the bottle, but profoundly dazzling on the skin. Her experiments with melding florals with earthy anything seem to pour forth with the suggestion of some unworldly ebb & flow of energy. Really, you can almost her presence in them. How? Beyond me. But, Grin is such an example of how abstract essences work so well together.

For starters, it’s qualified as a ‘chypre’ scented body oil, the first I have tried and now love. As an antithesis to florals, chypre refers to the intensive green but woodsy-based scents, most identify as unisex or even masculine. I’d liken it to adding seeing of verdancy sneak peeks through sexy. Grin is a green but still a distinctly floral scent, which blends into a muted nothingness on skin but with wafts of seriously vegetal edginess that gives the oil an unconventional finish.

Ayala uses her favourite carriers – Fractionated Coconut, Jojoba, Tea Seed, and Avocado oils to form a lightweight base to feed skin with moisture. The formulation, which blends away on sight, also is enhanced with olive-derived Squalane and Vitamin E to add longevity. Squalane is actually a natural component of human sebum and has those same emollient properties that soften and soothe skin. It also has humectant properties that increase the water retention capacity of the skin, according to the MedLibrary.org, which helps with locking in precious moisture. In contrast, Tea Seed Oil, China’s age old secret to poreless skins, brings in fruitful amounts of vitamin A, B and E and is known to possess antiseptic, fungicide and bactericide properties.

The idea for Grin Body Oil came about when I had alot of left over Boronia absolute from the large batch I've ordered from the distiller - Ayala
But, it’s the absolutes that overshadow the moisturizing capacity of the oil. Fr the record, allow me to confess, this oil fully inspired me to want to drop my virtue and want to do things I’d only read about…if you can my drift. There’s some unisexual excitement with the blend of Boronia, Galbanum and Oakmoss, which lights up the oil with a flushed radiance. Traditionally, green doesn’t get at me. But, there’s a reflective quality to the crisp and vivid opening of the oil. It has some sort of sexualize undercurrent running through it, which I can't place, and won't even try to. There is a scintillating blend of Violet Leaf, Rose and even Jasmine (Ayala’s is from Egypt), which brings a lovely luminous floral feel. The Jasmine so gently caresses the vegetal accords above that their sharpness makes for intriguingly sweet finish. Frankly, I cannot get enough of it, which still surprises me to no end.

Really, when you open the bottle, the essential oils dangle forlornly, tugging in tandem at those olfactory nooks and begging you to keep an open mind about a any misconceptions you may harbor towards what is truly be a chypre scented oil. Grin is impeccably balanced, subtly refined, and hopelessly neutral with the sophisticated lick of Boronia. With this, the body oil remarkably releases a restless breath of freshness and highly coveted antioxidants with richness to enliven skin.

For its creative complexity, really the body oil just needs to flow freely on skin, but with its innate capacity to surprise. Allow it to be.