Truth Art Beauty Face Nourish & Body Salve

Shopping for a body or face oil as we know it is a casual affair. Just point n' click to the catchall of beauty brands accessorizing fragrance wardrobes and vanity tops with a smattering of specially blended skin essentials. Easy enough? Sure. Fans, like you & I, are usually seeking out effervescent essences – Lavender, Vanilla, Orange Blossom – blended in with popular carriers. These are comfortable, pleasing, and not easily offensive. Veering off into the world of inventive elixirs where olfactory characteristics of rarer essences such as Jasmine Sambac, Fir, and Myrrh reign as the star absolutes may frighten off some unseasoned noses for fear of purchasing some amateur hour blend that might not sit well with the senses. And, who wants to take a chance with their web shopping? Which begs the question – a bespoke oil? Why not have the choice to whip up a blend suited to your seasonal and/or sensory whim?

Well, you can. The besties behind Truth Art Beauty are bringing pre-blended and bespoke body and face oils to the reasonably oil aware fans wanting to treat skin organically with active botanicals while fervidly rejecting cheap fillers and synthetics.

At Truth Art Beauty, you have a choice to shop from carefully churned out oil blends, which are inspired by seasonal picks of essences coddled by select carriers. Choose from as assortment of products for skin or body. This fall, the Face Nourish ($54) is created from organic Argan based face oil and boasts happy helpings of organic Pomegranate Seed and Rosehip Seed Oils weaved together with an alluring complexity. The semi-medium bodied oil will appeal to those seeking a weightier treatment to address the classic signs of aging. A study from the University of Michigan Medical School, published in the February 2006 Journal of Ethnopharmacology, shows that Pomegranate Seed Oil stimulates keratinocyte proliferation, promoting regeneration of the epidermis. This study joins a growing body of research supporting the benefits of Pomegranate Seed Oil as a skin treatment. The oil blends down very well, leaving no shine, but rather imparting the floral sweetness of organic Rose Geranium. And, nothing else. It’s not a moody, dark rose, but rather one with an ambrosial feel about it, which takes the guesswork out of wondering if you’ll order an ‘old lady’ type of rose scented oil. It’s not. It’s a lush, nearly coquettish scent.

And, to complement the body, the inviting harvest blend in the Body Salve ($28) is an equally tender floral body oil using the same Rose Geranium essence nestled neatly with an intoxicating mixture of Ylang Ylang and Lavender. The result is a dew-drenched elixir with an earthy radiance billowing forth from the Jojoba and Grapeseed duo carriers. Both disappear into skin instantly and have the ability to lock in the moisture and repair the tissues. The floral medley of this bouquet of essentials highlights the fruity notes with a simmering sensual core beneath. Again, it’s a medium bodied oil that brings a standout inviting glow to skin. Both have the requisite expiration dates to ensure the botanicals are used well within their potency.

And, what is Rose doesn’t intrigue? That’s the beauty of Truth Art Beauty. If seasonal collections don't captivate the attention, make your own blend. And, you can skip out on learning 'huile speak' as the site makes it easy and lists out the benefits of every ingredient. Founders, Emily and Caron, say,

“We hope that the customization process empowers you to learn about the ingredients that are going into your product - and into your body. We know that a lot of people out there are frustrated by the lack of transparency in the beauty industry. We've experienced first hand the frustration of buying an 'all - natural product' only to look on the back of the label and discover numerous synthetic ingredients.”

For the same price, you can choose your carrier, add in boosting botanicals for specially targeted concerns, and in the case of the Body Salve, choose your essential oil aromatic fix. Sure, the essential oil selections are somewhat limited, but, I don’t doubt this variety will grow as the demand for one-of-a-kind custom blends and expressions of your true aromatic self do. It's a fun blend of moxie and marketing to the right kind of connoisseurs who have recognized that women need a wardrobe of fragrance oils. Really, the concept is coolly retro without being kitsch. And, while there are some diehard fans, like your truly, ready to hop a flight to SF and have some famed perfumer, like Mandy Aftel or Julie Elliott, create a signature scented oil, this would surely save on the airfare and spare me from a psychotherapy-style sniff session intended to pluck out your inner aromatherapeutic desires.

Come to think it, maybe I’ll hold off on exposing my Freudian floral profiling just yet and fast track to a handpicked blend, which will uncover pretty much the same tenets I dearly espouse – truth art beauty. I mean it's still a matter of the journey, originality, and craft even when created online and by a snap.