Primavera Relaxing Vanilla Lavender Body Oil

According to legend, the early Greeks learned much about Lavender and the application of aromatic herbs from the Egyptians, who originally used it to perfume their skin. The Romans learned about this knowledge from the Greeks and used Lavender flower lavishly in their public baths, to perfume themselves and their homes. They also valued it for treating ailments. Thus, began the relaxative use of Lavender. With so many iterations of Lavender from around the world, it’s no wonder much of aromatherapy centers around this versatile herb. It’s also partly why I jest about the essential oil – it’s used so commonly, but undervalued for its undeniable ability to pair so very well with so many essences. But, I always return to basics, which for me, is the Lavender & Vanilla blend... comfortable, classic, and clean. But, even with this couplet, variations ensue. Primavera Relaxing Vanilla Lavender Body Oil ($37) has that considerable charm in a bottle because for once, the Lavender truly, truly shines through with an incandescent freshness.

It’s because, Primavera insists upon delicate extractions from 100% organic plants and bottles up the herbaceous blend from their painstakingly cultivated projects from the most pristine, optimal farms. And, they’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and thus put real money into over 200 hand grown essences from farmers who care. As such, the Relaxing Vanilla Lavender Body Oil provides enlightenment of its own. First off, the name should be changed. The Natrue 95% certified organic blend of Sweet Almond, Canola, Macadamia, and Evening Primrose Oils boasts a potent charm of seemingly fresh plucked Lavandula Angustifolia upon its opening. Light, lively, and sweet, Lavender plays down the burgeoning thrush of a gourmand Vanilla and instead warms up to a comely scent begging to be ravished without regret. Insomniacs and weary travelers alike will inhale this sumptuous blend, transporting them farther away than any tub of Calgon could. There is a brilliant transitory moment when the sweetness of the Madagascar Vanilla tempers out the French Lavender on skin, leaving behind a notably rich and welcomed persistence in scent.

But, the fetching oil doesn't stop at scent. The medium viscosity blends into skin with waves of moisture from the carriers. Of note, the organic Canola Oil (high in Oleic Acid) extends the shelf life of the treatment, though this isn’t of concern, as the bottle lists an expiration date of a year to ensure the integrity of the oils. In contrast, the Evening Primrose (grown in China) helps skin restore elasticity and keep in moisture. A dollop of organic Aloe Vera Oil (high in Vitamins C, E, and Zinc) supports the resulting seal of moisture. It’s not an abstruse blend, but a tender one that perfectly captures the simplicity of European harvesting.

It will, I promise, calm frayed nerves at the end of your long work day and lead you to a welcomed slumber.