Olo Fragrance Argan Hair Tonic

Designer Heather Sieliff tried to crack me up. I refused in genuine disbelief. Since presenting her petit debut line of limited edition fragrances to Portland (with one of the most stunning bottles I’ve seen created for niche house – designed by local artist Any Paiko) extending to oils seems like the natural extension. Well, she's gain serious momentum and high acclaim for the former not latter.

“I was actually asked to make a scented Argan Oil hair tonic for a friend's hair salon. I didn't know much about Argan at the time, so I spent a few months researching its origins & use before I decided on a formula. I tried a lot of scent combinations before I decided on Cedarwood and Rose. However, it didn't do well at my friend's salon at all! Cedarwood and Rose isn't an obvious pairing, but I was trying to make something that was somewhat unisex with the combination of the wood and floral notes, that could be worn well by men and women.”

No one bought it? She laughed it off, “I think it’s funny.” I didn’t.

Can someone explain to me how a hair salon failed to market the merits of a hair oil, an Argan Oil no less? While Portland isn’t exactly the hub of cutting edge hair stylings, how could a salon not dig in, hear the critics, and hop onto the Argan collective trend? Lucky for us, as the Olo Fragrance Argan Hair Tonic ($34) turned out to be one of Heather’s bestsellers. And rightfully so.

While the unfailingly artful angularity of the ferociously stunning bottle is reserved for her fragrance oils, I want it for this hair oil. The usually Carotene and Phenol rich Argan Oil boasts a clean cut blend of infused Cedar and Rose essentials, which rounds off to a spectacular sensory puzzle. Both absolutes are so perfectly balanced, as the Rose nicely polishes off the Cedar’s woodsy edges for a scent that really ought to be bottled beyond the hair. The comforting blend brings a nearly tangible scent of energy and excitement - it's soft, subtle, and unconventionally feminine with just a smidgen of sweetness. The tonic is extremely light-bodied and washes out with one rinsing as the Vitamins A, C, E, & F and the Omega 9 fatty acid go straight to work on gently detangling and reconstructing devitalized hair. Argan is appreciated for its ability to penetrate the hair shaft, giving the locks with an instant shine. An interesting fact: you can add Argan Oil to your hair colour to protect and nourish your locks from the excessive damage that hair colouring can cause. This will also lock in the colour and help it last longer. But, you'll want more. What you’ll want is to have this created into a warmly resinous body oil to cozy up to skin. And, so I'll try it for the skin, too.

Yes, I'm not kidding. The meditative beauty of this oil so matches the slick of the handblown bottle's vertiginous curves that I can think of no better way to decant this sexy tonic onto skin. Now, how to score that bottle? Your word, Heather...