Noodle & Boo Elasticity Oil

Swimsuit season or not, for some the search for perfect, smooth skin is eternal. That really is no surprise, since women of all ages and sizes, not to mention the wide varying types of body sizes (yes, round is a shape), means no one is immune from stretch marks - that hideous affliction that leaves behind wispy elongations of whiskery skin on the rump. Of course, nothing makes a woman fret more about these aberrations on her tummy and hips than when she’s preggers or going to be. So, unless you’ll be shacking up with a hunk from Mauritius (where men LOVE stretch marks), it all begs the question – a basic body oil or not?

Not. No, skin needs a specially formulated oil to target this pesky breakdown of collagen leading to whiskering. Stretch marks often appear on the breast and abdomen during pregnancy. The reason is partly hormonal. During pregnancy, hormones have the job of softening the collagen ligaments of the pelvis, so that the tissues can stretch easily during childbirth. Unfortunately, the skin collagen softens as well, allowing stretch marks to form easily. And, during life? Ah, well, we all are prone to stretches from excesses of our vices - wine, cheese, chocolate, etc. Noodle & Boo Elasticity Oil ($34) for preventing pregnancy and real time stretch marks is a fab choice.

The paraben, sulfate, dye, and even essential oil free formulation is composed around popular carriers - Sunflower Seed, White Grape Seed, Borage, Safflower, Jojoba, and Olive Fruit Oils with the requisite dollop of Vitamin E to preserve. Strokes of honey and Calendula extracts are woven into the heart of the oil to calm the itchiness. The scent is more of a cozy coconut executed with a breezy bravado. It’s quite a thinly bodied oil, which has a brisk slick feel. Think of it as a stretch mark eraser capturing the essence of bliss and simplicity in a bottle. It seeps into skin faster than you could layer over a second slathering. What’s nice is the formulation ensures ultra-sensitive skins, including that of baby, won't fall prey to any irritations from emphatic essential oils. Moms-in-the-know give this discerning point a great punch of importance as every formula from the line is hypoallergenic and clinically-tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, particularly from nature's oils. Christine Burger, founder of this luxury line of baby & Mommy skin care products, also insists on dermatologist testing to verify optimality for skin sensitivities and sourcing natural and organic ingredients wherever possible. While this isn't surprising on its own, it holds more merit knowing she founded the brand due to her being a mother of two children born with extremely sensitive skin prone to severe eczema and being unable to seek out products to treat their temperamental skin.

The excruciatingly cute end to her search? Founding a lovable company is endearingly named after Christine’s two young children, Andrew and Matthew, also known as Noodle and Boo.