J.R. Watkins Grapefruit Body Oil Mist

Any time someone wants to mention an oil from an apothecary, a certain NY cultural mainstay pops to mind. But, let's just say this one stop shop isn't the only niche, scientifically based boutique founded in the late 1800s, which brought intelligent designs to skin and body care. J.R. Watkins has been using natural, environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable resources, avoiding chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates long before going eco-friendly was the conventional beauty choice. It's also one of very few apothecaries - well, actually, the only one - to be certified by the Natural Products Association; an inconsequential but intelligent revenge on the ordinary glut of 'organics' cluttering the marketplace. From the countrified apothecary comes The Grapefruit Body Oil Mist ($8.99), a classic body oil staple for the bathroom.

It’s a tried n’ true formulation – Apricot Kernel Oil cut through with the zest of an all natural Grapefruit essence. And, what a refreshingly crisp cut of citrus it is. There’s a tinge of suaveness to the singular aesthetic of this semi-fatty dry oil as the scented caress fizzles onto skin and absorbs straight away. Nature is marvelous here, as the cheery scent doesn’t smell anywhere near synthetic, but rather arrestingly much like a slice of fresh cut fruit. For being packaged in a slim spray bottle, it’s surprisingly a big, fat, juicy oil. The Grapefruit’s shimmering depth emphasizes the purity of the essence and stay true to the finesse of a well-chosen citrus with the slightest hint of grassiness. The carrier, the lovingly pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, is excellent for skin protection, since it is both emollient and nourishing. The fatty acid rich oil helps revitalize skin, relieves itchiness caused by eczema, and is most suitable for sensitive, dry and aging skin. Soft enough that babies will giggle with spritzes of the sparkling citrus.

Don’t think of this as a rustic summertime drench of moisture. It’s an affordably charming daily treat that will add a sprightly scent to touchable skin.