In Fiore Face Oil Concentré

There’s a rare burst of creativity that InFiore brings to face oils. And, I’m probably that rare skin type who can and will benefit from her collective of concentrates. When it comes to the fine art of huilery, Julie Elliot, the incomparably lovely founder of InFiore, exposes the craft to its core essence – employing the most fantastical, and at times, beguiling options of fertile essential oils to profoundly affect your inner sense and soul. See, she treats oils as something quite earthy - each layered with an abstract meaning and feel for which she extracts their exquisite tonic effects.

“Fragrance has a very powerful effect on the emotions. It is has the power to transport, uplift, arouse, relax, invigorate, stimulate, seduce. Fragrance is thy medicine.”

And, yes this twofold philosophy goes for oils, too. It's this frenzied restlessness—a constant desire to travel out, to create more—that you feel and actually covet when shopping at Infiore. It’s also this playfulness of craftsmanship that led Julie to create three astonishingly robust Face Oil Concentré ($60) blends designed with organic and wildcrafted ingredients to attenuate the three common types of skin.

How I qualify to speak for all three? Aside from insisting it’s the 'overachiever' in me, in all seriousness, the Retin-A I use to keep the cystic break-outs at bay leave me with spotty dry patches, an oily t-zone, and well, let’s face it, dull, lifeless skin at times. Not always, but balancing the three acts of these nakedly high and low skin permutations can be exhausting and annoying at times. And, I’m not alone. In Fiore’s clientele also experienced the same bouts with erratic congestion and temporary inflammations, but quickly appreciated the incredibly potent effects of essentials from her densely infused treatments, which forgave testy skin.

“It all started with feedback from clients who were using the body balms, such as the Décolleté Balm and Chamomile Pedicurié, and noticing such great results all over. But, these same women started using these body balms on their face! Women just couldn't believe how well the balms were healing skin aggressions, but I still felt like the balms were a bit too viscous for daily use on the face. So, oils made logical sense.” 

Decision by clientele, Julie created an oil to address each type. In Fiore’s Face Oil Concentré Calme is what I tried when the sneak peek of a deeply buried zit tried to burrow its ugly way through. The beastly red inflammation causes that irritating itch, which often leads to a full blown raucousness of acne if not left alone. The face oil brings a quiet calm to the dry bits with Grapeseed and Rosehip carriers helped out by deft doses of Vitamin E. Grapeseed’s excellent emollient finish treats the dryness, but also helps pave the way for essential oils to penetrate deeper, while Rosehip gets to work on ravages of the post-damaged skin from sun and fun. It also works wondrously on chemically treated skin. Skin felt baby-butt soft and was left itch-free when this serum was applied after a mild glycolic peel. Surely, microdermed skin or those stuck indoors with the quiet hiss of space heaters and radiators during the nippy months will feel the same.

A dramatic flourish Bulgarian Rose Oil warms up to the Ylang Ylang while the Cape Chamomile Flower essence lends a beautiful accent, almost like an a botanical embellishment, to the scent. This oil has a tremendous character and is irresistibly seductive to no end. An interesting sci-fi fact: Rose Oil has the highest frequency (320 Hertz) of all the essential oils, which means its fragrant molecules, on inhalation or application, are able to quickly penetrate and travel the infinitesimal pathways of the body, quickly energizing skin and bringing balance, harmony and beauty to the body. And, that Calme does just that. It treats redness, inflammation, and irritation, delivering instant calm to hypersensitive skin with but a few drops. If skin (particularly olive toned, such as mine) is left with trace blottings of angered acne, Rosehip will help with fading these superficial scars.

More often than not, Concentré Nourrit is a basic staple to revive dull, over treated skin. Prescriptive treatments do show cyclical results. Detailing differs from day to day; some days, skin shows a dewy translucence, and other days, it’s looks simply weary. Nourrit is crafted from the same carriers as Calme and even has a ribbons of Bulgarian Rose laced through the structure, but cold-pressed Bergamot Peel Oil brings an exhilarating and luminous quality to the serum. But, the multifaceted stylings end with mysterious notes of Jasmine Flower complementing the spicy richness of Frankincense and Myrrh. It’s strikingly different. The rosy sweetness nicely rounds out the refreshing and sophisticated composition, which the therapeutic essentials deliver instant and long lasting anti-aging benefits, while maintaining skin's youthful appearance with such a rich bounty of essentials. Normal skin won’t need much more.
I chose Neroli since it is the most astringent of the florals, and when combined with Rosehip Seed Oil it helps with fading scarring and spots – Julie
And, then there’s the 9 to 5 skin type: combination or t-zone. Oily skins know the drill: the finicky slick underneath foundations and powders is going to streak out when it damn well pleases and try to upstage its dry alter ago. For this, oilier skins will want to apply a handful of drops of Face Oil Concentré Pur. Added to two bases is Evening Primrose, a carrier appreciated for its fundamental wealth of fatty acids, which in turn reduces blackheads and inflammations from wanna-be breakouts. The finely textured oil has also been rumoured to help reduce dark circles under eyes after regular use. A cold-pressed, slightly spicy Sweet Orange Peel Oil carefully aligns with the Tunisian Neroli Flower to form a clever yet chaotically creative scattering of citrus notes, which undeniably complement the elegant experience of the oil. The elixir will brighten the dullest of complexions and erase any signs of tiredness. Pur will banish them away with unwitting sparkle and uncompromising edge.

Unwitting. That's what InFiore has done. Julie has blended some aromatically stringent blends showing us how one skin could sometimes use more than one oil. I love and admire her for it. Uncompromising. Infiore and its relentless dominion of essentials continue to provoke the boundaries of blends and resonate with consumers. The sophistication is at heart inventive. As such, it’s Julie’s significant eye and intuitive sense for the stilled flux of oils that lends us to believe in her rare kind of alchemy.