Ayala Moriel Song of Songs Anointing Body Oil

An oriental body oil is a rare feat dependent on part talent and part serendipity: owing its challenges to blending in the warmth of Labdanum, an exotic resin grown from a Mediterranean bush. And, to be true to the oriental category, the creaminess of Vanilla turns the scent into that dark, lush mystery that renders an oil so, so seductive. But, it has to be done right. So, so right that the wearer stops dead in her tracks to sniff again to be sure she’s smelling what lust would be like if it was bottled. And, that’s what I did when I opened Ayala Moriel Song of Songs Anointing Body Oil ($25).

At first glance, I couldn’t believe I’ve discovered an oriental body oil, as this type of scent is more often seen in perfume oils than body ones. But, here I cradled gently this bottle of dizzying beauty hand blended by the bespoke natural perfumer Ayala Moriel. Ayala’s rendition (she's Mediterranean, herself) is inspired by the synchronicity of ancient customs linking the past to the present from the Middle East, where oils are used for both religious and seductive rituals alike. The body oil is a absorbing and impressive agglomeration of refined, Fractionated Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Tea Seed, and Squalene (olive derived) Oils, which form a lightly viscous veil of moisture. The blend is accented with Vitamin E to lengthen the shelf-life as well. Tea Seed Oil has been used in South China for centuries, which brings mounds of antioxidants and Vitamins A, B, and E to replenish dry skin, which makes this ideal for nails and cuticles, too. Because Squalane Oil is so fine, it permeates deeply into the skin, without leaving an oily film and it does so quite fast. This incredulously smooth, deep penetrating oil also helps with the acceleration of new cell growth.

But, Ayala’s heavenly oil is more than just a treatment for the parched. The beguiling scent nears the intensity of a perfume oil without being obtrusive. It’s so rich and mystical, and yet, it’s an elegy to the every day skin accessory.
"The oil stays on the skin - 24 hours later, when I bathe again, the warm water releases the scent, yet again from my pores - Ayala
The synergistic Frankincense and Myrrh bring that characteristically complementary, balsamic note to a fantastical Rose opening, imbued fully with romanticism. While the unconventional sedative Spikenard trusts a hyperbolic nose to spot, just know it’s a quiet murmur adding to the bewitching composition. Most people think of Spikenard (often mentioned in Biblical references to extravagant adoration of & intimacy of a bride to her groom) as a cloying, musky scent,  Not here, as its crafty juxtaposition is truly representative of the enigma of firm femininity. It nicely enriches the base of Labadnum and the resulting enchanting interplay of essentials. Saffron adds a highly desirous bent to the oil, trailing the way to a ceremonial and soothing finish.

It’s a noble yet curative blend with a sense of real luxury – ornamental, inexplicable and wildly sophisticated. Ayala has a true, talented eye for essential oils, one who is unafraid to mix the practical and exquisite. You’re going to love it.