Aftelier Perfumes Pear Fir Coffee Body Oil & Hair Elixir

Mandy Aftel has just made a gem of a body oil, but should anyone care for another one? Yes. Aftelier Perfumes Pear Fir Coffee Body Oil & Hair Elixir ($40) is a treatment that will surely redefine how you expect essences to interplay on skin and your senses. It’s a far shout from her curatorial debut of body oils as her trademark inventiveness with essential oils paired in the most unexpected of ways highlights the frenetic versatility of essential and botanical oils demanding your undivided attention. Mandy's flashy history suggests Lavender is not the quintessence of cool. Originality is. Quite frankly, it’s this lust for high drama on skin that justifies the need for my blog and sincere interest in her vision. Snark, snark.

The skin nurturing core of moisture is comprised from Fractionated Coconut and Jojoba oils, both chosen for their ease of seeping into skin without the weight feel left behind. No grease nor shine here. The Vitamin E heavy Fractionated Coconut Oil is highly preferred carrier oil within aromatherapy designs as it helps to carry therapeutic oils under the skin. And, what a trio of pulsating essentials – Pear, Fir, and Coffee. So charming, oh, so very charming in this chic and famously attractive sleek bottle.

Your bewildered enthusiasm never collapses with a scattershot of fresh, dusky Pear playing off the piney tendrils of Fir while the  muted entanglement of Coffee dances in and out of the slather. If Coffee isn’t your thing, fear not, as here it brings a well-blended but raw warmth to the heart of the oil rather than any obnoxiously overt Arabic slant. The abstract green feel and earthiness are beautifully balanced with a slight hint of some unwieldy sex appeal, Though none of the unabashed essences lead the oil's exuberance on its own wayward accord. The lightweight viscosity blends with endless waves into skin immediately while the unctuous silkiness softens fine lines and spotty dry patches. The body oil delights in being round, supple, and simply delicious. If a sexual punch can be restrained in a bottle, it's here.

Trust in Mandy – a mistress of postmodernist aromatherapy deftly steering nature’s oils into consummately wearable skin staples.