Acousticjus Stellar Lippity Pot Red Café

Painter, songwriter, and perfumer, Liz Zorn, is on a mission to change the way we see and experience oils. And, she’s doing this by keeping herself in constant flux among these artistic mediums. After a successful stint as a niche perfumer, she founded Acousticjus in 2010, a debut line of alcohol free perfumes and accessories. Among these is the Stellar Lippity Pot Red Café ($14), a wickedly cool lip balm with a monastic construction and almost sacred collective of oils.

She’s somewhere deep in her studio ensconced within her creative zone working on extensions on this already cult beauty fave. “A place where the intangible becomes tangible.” And, seeing that she’s more of a purist than minimalist, this balm really is for those coffee lovers, who cannot get enough of that rich and satisfying roasted flavor. Consider this an elegant slip of Coffee for your lips. It’s rooted in Fractionated Coconut, Golden Jojoba, and Castor Bean Oils. A heft of Candelilla Wax gives the balm a bit of texture to cling to lips, but mildly so. The balm is so creamy in texture, you’ll seriously try to lick it off with the robust coffee flavor from Coffee Bean Oil. And, not in the usual overbearing way that will make you crave a latte. No, this will be your calorie-free fix from the craving. It takes a bit of cunning to figure out how to create a coffee-scented balm, but Liz hits the spot with the delicately roasted warmth from the Coffee Bean Oil. It’s an oil superpacked with phytosterols that promote excellent moisture retention, quick penetration and good adherence. It is also exceptionally high in its composition of essential fatty acids, which help heal cracked lips. Red Café is all natural, totally devoid of additional scent or color. As a matter of fact, the camel toned balm is actually derived from African Red Palm Oil, which is reddish because of its high amounts of beta-carotene. It’s the organic remedy of choice from much of Africa because it also yields an enormous energy from Vitamin A, which helps skin regenerate.

This is one powerpacked balm with its grinding synergy of carriers and a harsh aromatic jolt of java for lips to drink up whenever the whim strikes.