Zoe Organics Love My Body | Baby Massage Oils

You can't talk about babies without their Mama. So I will...Zoe Organics is austere, ingenious, and completely an organic brand for that time of your life when you step in the adventures of Mommyland. For the record, I have not. But, when it comes to shopping for stripped down child-rearing necessities, I do get how mothers would sacrifice just about anything for the safety of those effusive, ecstatic all-embracing gigglefests from the little bundle of joy. Ah, the classic parent trap: icky chemicals be gone, but dry bums bewarned. Reading an organic list of ingredients but any mainstream brand can sometimes be like ripping off that cheat sheet in chemistry: a list of things you recognize at a quick glance, but you’re not sure just how bad they can be when used. Heather Hamilton takes that guesswork out of the clutter of pseudo-organo oils in the marketplace and ensures your suspicions will never be aroused with the 100% certified organic oils from her brand, Zoe Organics. How? She has put a mission, a story, a cause, not sales, front and center.

The mission? To be able to provide mommies-in-waiting the purest organic oils aiming to prevent those hideous telltales signs of pregnancy glow n’ growth – stretch marks. The story? Because of a fearful asthma attack from a seemingly fun bubble bath, she hopped onto the health & wellness track to hand craft only the safest biodynamic products. The cause? Being a sucker for altruism, it was a joy to see how Zoe Organics partners with the White Ribbon Alliance (which operates to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth are safe for all women and newborns in every country) by donating a percentage of each purchase made on the website to their efforts of raising awareness and promoting safe motherhood. And, oils?

Let me digress here and disclose a secret – I, too, have stretch marks. Say whaaat? You mean to say people assume such skin calamities were given to the maternally blessed? Not so, my friend. It never fails every year as holiday season rolls around. After all that party-hopping and wine n’ cheese merriment, my 112 lb. frame (don’t hate…) is left with what I'll say are the cutest slivers of stretches peeking from beneath my ruffled boy shorts. And, yes, the wayward squiggles show no shame during swimsuit season on my olive-toned, Bollywood-ish skin.  Yes, rakish figures get stretch marks over their delightfully smooth bums, too. Which is why I see no reason to skip the obsession and start using the Love My Body Oil ($16) on my wayward tushy. Even if Baby [isn’t] On Board just yet, I’ve decided to amp up the fight with this Rosehip Seed rich oil treatment. Though Heather designed it for use throughout a woman's 9-month hormonal tenure, I’m going to say it works for any gal pal who will appreciate the zesty tang of Mandarin paired with the perky Eucalyptus in an oil designed to treat uneven skin tone. While the Rosehip goes to town with its high Vitamin A, line-busting properties, the strongly Lavender based scent, accented with green snippets of Geranium is quite smooth. It’s a medium bodied oil, but scented so deftly, it’ll leave your backside sweetly softened like…well...a baby’s bum. The scent veers away from being qualified as an herbal-green thanks to the happy helpings of Lavender. Carriers like Jojoba, Olive, and Grapeseed round out the moisturizing base, all of which are 100% certified organic and help alleviate the expected sensitive, itchy preggo belly, boobs, and hips.

And, for those preemptive, sleepless nights, you’ll want to add in Heather’s hand blended Baby Massage Oil ($16) to soften the little's one's chappy rashes and nether regions. Also, completely 100% organic, the amplified notes of Lavender and Chamomile will quietly subdue those frayed nerves – the baby’s, not yours. With a fresh-plucked freshness that flows forth from what feels like a slightly less dense formulation, the oil’s giddy scent almost makes me want to roll around naked, too. Here, Sunflower oil is blended with the Jojoba and Olive to not only help seal moisture in the skin, but to also reduce the likelihood of infections. Who knew?

Trust in Zoe Organics for excruciatingly cutesy oils, which, in reality, work for all.