Wild Beauty Black Tea-Sing Rose Bud Body Oil

All roses are not alike, as Felecia Scott amply illustrates with her Wild Beauty Black Tea-Sing Rose Bud Body Oil ($20). While at first glance, yes, Rose Essential Oil is a shadow play over Golden Jojoba Oil, she creates an elegant impression of a body oil that strips luxury down to a fluid translucency with infusing Pink Rose Buds for over eight weeks. Felecia soaks her intensive infusions studiously in her cordoned off fields of Silverlake with a voluptuous detailing and then brings the resulting robust, spunky oils (and her infectious charisma) to Angelenos through her wildly fun pop-up shops rotating all over town. Witnessing her exchange with her dedicated clients is like overhearing a secret in some language you don’t quite get—charged with meaning, but also with salacious mystery. And, she’s maintained this intimate practice ever since launching her small business over a year ago. So far the ethos is paying off. As always, Wild Beauty produces 100% organic treatments, devoid of paraben, petro-chemical and synthetic fragrances and encourages unusually simple ways to add them to your beauty regime.

Add the oil to your conditioner or facial cream. One of my clients uses it to scent her dryer sheets for her laundry - Felecia
The body oil is an engrossing one. It gets you from a definitive start, one that turns the velvety softness of the Rose into a splashy composition with wholesome sex appeal. First off, there is a gentle murmur of Jasmine paired with the silkiness of Sandalwood, both of which bring a startling and exotic feel to the scent. But, it’s the astonishing pairing with Golden Needle (Black) Tea Leaves that takes the exotic to a smoldering, albeit, even exaggerated character with an invigorating depth. You almost think there might be some Cardamom conjured in to yield some regal, assiduous edge from Jaipur , but no, don't be fooled. It's simply the deeply folded infusion Felecia plays up so well. Sniff once, and you’ll love the Jasmine Sniff again, and you’ll wonder where it went. The scent is simply exhilarating.

The oil's feel is a light bodied one, but full bodied in scent. Black Tea Leaves brings plentiful amounts of natural Vitamin C, which hydrate, firm, tighten and protect your skin from future damage while improving overall radiance. Felecia says she prefers Jojoba (paired here with Grapeseed Oil) over other carriers because it absorbs easier without leaving a greasy film on your skin. Yes, Jojoba Oil is naturally moisturizing, healing, and beneficial for all skin types; it is an excellent scalp treatment.

This is a rose oil, that is a kind of imitation, for which there is no original to consider & compare.