Savane Balancing Face Oil

You don’t go to Shen Beauty to pick up the standard apothecary fare. No mass marketed, mainstream brands at this warm & inviting Brooklyn shop, which boasts some of the world’s seemingly endless luxury lines found outside your usual department store counters. At Shen Beauty, they love their loyal clientele as much as the ladies love them right back. And, so it's no surprise that Shen Beauty is the first retailer in the US to launch Savane this past October, a completely all natural line of skin care using plant oils and ingredients native to Africa. This is a line you’ll wanna drop a week’s pay on.

The untold tale of the brand? Savane is the brainchild of Jennifer Peters and Stephane Helary – two best buds who spent over four years researching out the purest ingredients across Africa’s spatial continent (together, they trekked through the striking contrast of grassy rainforests and arid deserts alike) to craft a line of six socially conscious products with their edgy, artistic energy. All of the products are made in Africa, certified natural and organic by Ecocert, and brilliantly manufactured from fair trade and sustainably harvested wild ingredients.

Savane Balancing Face Oil ($105) captures the poetry of the continent, where a little ingenuity is the price of creative success. Within the folds of Jojoba are the rarest oils you may have ever seen – Marula Seed, Manketti Seed, Kalahari Melon Seed, and Cape Snowbush. More on the four:
  • Marula brings pretty high concentrations of fatty rich oleic acids and antioxidants
  • Manketti Seed yields equally potent Vitamin E and Eleostearic acid. Much like Argan, Manketti Seed is derived from the elusive Mongongo Tree, which is indigenous to Africa
  • Kalahari Melon Seed, native to Namibia, adds in the regenerative properties with high amounts of Omegas 6 & 9
  • Cape Snowbush firms up & tones skin.
When blended together, this is one supercharged anti-aging serum of sorts. The unexpected injection of these 4 powerful oils combat and reverse skin’s aging process with vital elements to improve skin’s moisture levels and radiance immediately. The oil is extremely lightweight and protected within a tightly sealed aluminum casing and pump, which ensures the integrity and hygiene of the essentials. Massaging a thin veil of the profound oil under your moisturizer will absorb with ease and will leave no shine behind. With 95% of the oils organic, an expiration date will inspire you use this up freely. Really, why anyone would want to use a chemically filled serum from one of those ubiquitous brands marketed beyond crass is beyond me. The superior formulation really does deliver instant and long-lasting benefits and moisture as nothing comes between your skin and these nutrients.

The first thing you notice when applying but a few drops of this tasteful yet unpretentious oil is it's earthy scent. Seasoned noses with spot the Patchouli absolute but also wonder what this essential is flirting with? It’s steeped in the spring-like freshness of Ylang Ylang, which leaves behind the faintest trace of sweetness on skin. The result is something that is seductive, nearly sexual in scent, which is exceptionally enchanting abut unique from any face oil I’ve tried.

It’s quite a scintillating composition of rustic oils that spells an alchemy of high imagination and low-key luxury at its best.