Primavera Energizing Ginger Lime Body Oil

Lime. Definitely. You’ve stepped into spring’s light of dawn with the tensile blend of organic Ginger Essential Oil equally blended with the cheeky tartness of Lime Essential oil. It’s hard to make out what rises out of the top notes, but know Primavera’s Energizing Ginger Lime Body Oil ($37) is an oil that intensifies with each layering.

When thinking of understated minimalism, Primavera comes to mind. Sunflower, Olive Fruit, and Jojoba carriers form the medium-bodied texture. Did you know Jojoba oil's lightweight properties make it an excellent pre-shaving lubricant for legs and elsewhere? Massaging Jojoba onto legs helps to soften stubble, making razor action far easier and minimizing the effects of razor burn and shaving rashes.

But, it’s the pure plant oils grown from 18 organic fair trade farms around the world, which grow well over 125 ingredients (cultivated in their completely natural habitats) that set this oil apart. Ginger Root is from Sri Lanka, while Jojoba is from Peru. The NaTrue 95% certified organic oil is rousing with effect, almost like a full multitentacled blast of an energy drink first thing in the morning. Pairing the two unlikely essences gives way for an cleverly fun oil, one that could almost be deemed as charmingly unisex. The Lime is ripe and youthful as it coyingly wallops over the Ginger with its vivacious tang. The fabulously deft oil absorbs easy enough, but interestingly the scent deepens with a lingering finish if you slather on a second helping. Some how, the oil bespeaks the neo-organic ways of Germany unlike its American counterparts – idealized in synthesis and heavy in scent.

Seriously, this one dimensional naturalness is some of the best spunkiness seen in an oil of late.