Olie Biologique 100% USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil

New York based Olie Biologique is breaking with the Argan tradition. In an industry dominated by assurances of handcrafted Moroccan oil, founder Linda Thompson, takes the lid off what’s considered a luxe oil for skin and demystifies the process of selecting what should be about the quality, not scarcity, of a rare oil. Linda says,

“A hand-pressed oil might sound artisanal and pure but hand pressing uses water to extract the oil. There is no such thing as ‘organic’ water in Morocco. The addition of water affects the purity, texture/absorption, scent and shelf life of the oil and risks adding impurities. Hand-pressed has a 3-month shelf life vs. cold, machine-pressed shelf life of 2 years. Some oils are even cut with other less expensive oils in Morocco before shipping.”

This is the kind of backstory we don’t often hear about when rushing off to score the hottest thing to hit the beauty market since Resveratol’s antioxidant action. The deceptively simple Argan Oil (Ferulic Acid, a potent antioxidant, is among the copious amounts of omegas and fatty acids) doesn’t seem like it would need much of an technologically cobbled explanation since its old-world ambience is fitting, but after chatting it up with Linda, it’s clear her USDA approved Olie Biologique Argan Oil ($40) is a treatment that is precisely engineered and bottled to be sure no contaminants have a chance to thrive inside the ominous black bottle. First off, the 100% certification labels ensures that her lab and its expert handlers haven’t added anything to this organically produced oil. In an industry lacking regulation, Linda insists that quality control begins with a carefully selected supplier (in place of fresco artisans) who understands the importance of the long-standing appreciation for certification from the start. The production process, under what surely must be a shrewd, sympathetic, unblinking eye, is still rigorous, perhaps, even a little mathematical, despite making small batches to preserve the oil's efficacy. But it is this attention to detail that yields the purest of oils. So pure, EcoCert will only approve a certification if 95% of ingredients are natural or from natural origin, and that 95% of those natural ingredients are certified organic. This oil is.

How else to spot a stupendously high quality Argan Oil? Linda suggests really giving time to touch, smell and feel out your Argan.
“Argan has a distinctive aroma - a faint nutty, not pungent scent.
Any strong scent will come from impurities within the oil or be due to a product that was stored in improper conditions.” Because Argan is technically a dry oil,’ it should never leave a residue. Argan Oil is not thick or medium in viscosity. A final hint: if it smells fatty, it’s been doctored up with a lower grade carrier. Also, consider the colour, as the best of the oils are pale yellow, not amber, in colour. This does pose a challenge for some web shoppers as most Argan brands are sold online, so sampling will be your best bet. But, that’s why you trust a blog on oils, isn’t it?

So, I say trust that Olie Biologique’s elixir does meet the above and more. It’s an oil with a deliberate edginess that is polished. As it promises, the clean, mellow oil is soft like a caress on skin and instantly melds into parched pores, leaving behind such a satiny smooth finish that you can use a few drops under make up without worry. It’s alluring, luxuriant, and still very traditional. With an non-waxy, earthy undertone, the oil is light enough to add to your liquid foundations or gel cheek colours to create glistening, dewy glazes, but moisturizing enough to use on its own. Esthetically, it’s phenomenal oil, encouraging you to fully and naturally embrace Argan’s legendary curative powers with every USDA approved drop at a time.