Lush Skin Shangri La Moisturizer

And, Dry Skins Have A Counterpart
Can you hear it? Holiday music is sneaking it way into department stores. And, while fruitcake and eggnog are the norm, dry skin shouldn’t be. No, we didn’t skip over your dry skin, which are constantly plagued by flaky patches and/or that requisite tightness of the cheeks. It’s a travesty to see such skin’s with clumpy cream blushes and creepy powders nearing the eyes. Really, it is. Yes, sometimes an oil isn’t enough, considering most brands care to create softer, easily absorbed ones, and all you wanna do is drench your skin with the gloppiest of goo. To solve your skin woes, double down your face oil with a thickly rich cream, which also has…more oils. And vodka. Say what?

The Product
Lush Skin Shangri La Moisturizer ($49.95) has at least 27 shots of virtuous vodka, which comprises the main ingredient, Queen of Hungary Water. Before you bust out some overdone soliloquy on how alcohol is drying, slow down to learn how it’s actually largely made up with Rosemary and distilled alcohol, which helps skin deflake itself and even out. The all-purpose toner actually balances out your pH as opposed to dry out skin. Rumour has it Queen Izabela of Hungary at the age of 72 crippled with gout and rheumatism restored her beauty and health to such and extent that the King of Poland proposed to her. Allegedly all due to this magical potion Hungary Water. If only I could snag a date just as easily…The replenishing water, coupled with cold-pressed, Almond and Jojoba oil (formulated for dry, dehydrated skin) promises to reduce roughness with its robust roster of emollients.

Why I Love It
Wearing this cream is like wearing some couture stolen off some daily deal site. As Lush makes every batch to order, you’ll feel like you’re getting a high-end luxury cream with a spirited roster of ingredients at a bargain price. Not only do the Almond Oil & Jojoba oil get absorbed quickly to relieve cracked skin and itchiness that comes from drying AHAs and Retinols (no need to drop these surpercharged exfoliants, if you use an intense cream atop), but a happy helping of Fresh Wheatgrass brings Vitamins A, B, C, E and 17 amino acids (not going to list them in fear of boring you…) and fatty acids, together which stimulates activity of growth factors that soothe skin. Wheatgerm oil adds to the Grass to relieve chappy anything, anywhere, while you get your antioxidant dose from Toothed Wrack Seaweed. Scentwise, I’m torn. It’s definitely scented with underlying curls of Vanilla – pleasant if uniform - but Violet Leaf Absolute peeks through with a scarcity. At best, it's a muted warmth; at worst, it’s simply sweet.

The Texture
Rosacea patients will love this super calming, highly nourishing and hydrating cream. It’s non-greasy, but definitely thick and reliable. Morning after, foundation glided over skin as if my face had a hydrating facial, but know I did use the cream over a few drops of my facial oil. And, yes, both sank into after a quick facial steam. For day, I dusted my Duo Mat powder over the cream (without a facial oil) to eliminate the shine, which left quite a seamless, long lasting dewy finish.

Here’s a Hint
A pea-sized amount is all you’ll need, but be sure to spread down to the neck and even backs of hands. Because Lush’s products are literally fresh, with expiration dates, don’t let the oils break down and separate. Use freely.

The Final Word
Used nightly, you’ll undoubtedly wake up to improve, refined skin, but more importantly, you’ll appreciate how Shangri La captures the duality of moisture – pure oils and water done gracefully well. Absolute decadence at a deal.