Kerstin Florian Soothing Bath & Body Oil

You almost want to euphemistically sing, “Lady be Good.” To the Ylang Ylang flower, that is. When you’re talking about body oils, sure lavender is ubiquitous and well-appreciated; rose will add that intangible luxury; and vanilla is the prodigious complement to absolutes all. But, Ylang Ylang is rarely seen. So rare, we’ve actually covered only one other oil to date. It’s the one essence that gets you at your wits. Too much and it’s sacrilege to the others, but too little and you wonder if tits unique kind of grace was even justified on the packaging. Have you ever found an essence that can be eclipsed so easily by popularly preferred ones? Not so in Kerstin Florian’s Soothing Bath & Body Oil ($36). Here, the essential oil acts as a seductive rival to Lavender, robbing the herb of any scene-stealing spotlight on the box.

If you don’t care a straw about Lavender, fret not. It’s here. Enough said. But, the oil has its glorious merits beyond this. First off, its USDA Organic label proves its mettles against synthetic ones with 97% pure ingredients here. No popular offenders at all. I’m often tempted to slip a spoonful of one of these USDA types to see just how good an oil can taste. Why? I know…I have no clue either. But, jest aside, this oil has that kind of pedigree that you’d expect from a luxury spa. Sunflower oil (high in vitamins A, C and D, all of which have protective qualities) is added in perfect proportions to the perennial fave, Jojoba. Both bring out the light bodied viscosity, but truly it’s the Ylang Ylang that perks up your keen senses. Pure & unabashed, it rushes out in full force and with a dizzying flutter. You actually will try hard, not to sniff out the sacred strummings of Lavender, but rather the usually unapologetic Bergamot. The oil is so full of Ylang Ylang’s stately blossoms, there isn’t even a hint of Bergie’s unlucky citrus slices anywhere. And, that’s a good thing. The gentle floral gives the oil a lovingly noble scent, almost pitched for slang, and thankfully free from any lab created vulgarities. It’s a composition that is very much purposeful as it is pristine and staunchly feminine. I’m hoping Carrie, one of our devout Twitter followers, will agree with her straight puss smile.

One note – though the name suggests it’s a body treatment, the corporate site strongly suggests the oil as a face serum, which isn’t surprising considering the essentials bring astringent attributes. It works for either, but important to mention for finicky skins with experiencing some of those dreaded monthly issues.

It’s taken me some time to appreciate Ylang Ylang. But, I’m glad to have finally found a brand that understood its girlish ways. Kerstin Florian, a celeb-favourited brand hugely popular in the UK but easy to splurge on here, really needs to rank up there among the first rate recherché of body treatments. On second thought…we’ll officially just say that it does.