ISUN Amber Energy Body Oil

The quality of oils and their scents varies quite sharply among the mass produced varieties from those crafted by hand. Mainly, infused oils tend to leave a longer, persistent scent behind, seemingly adding a lush, edible feel to skin. And, no other niche and personable brand infuses their oils quite like ISUN. Every bottle seems like a form of synesthetic art – a full bodied oil created with ability and technical assurance from nature’s own plants and herbs. The Amber Energy Body Oil ($40) is no different.

While Sunflower creates the protective emolliency (it’s high in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A, an antioxidant to treat to the appearance of fine lining), it’s the specially infused herb oil (all organic) that evokes calligraphic strokes of skin nurturing sweetness. In this, the herb blend sees an intense tangle Yellow Sandalwood Gingko, Basil, Rosemary, Sage, and Dandelion leaves ensconced within a core of Sesame and Sunflower carriers. Beautifully wildcrafted exotic herbs Fo-Ti (to stimulate sexual vitality) and Saraswati Churna (to bring out radiance) are sprinkled with caution as not to overpower the generous helpings of essentials – Cassia, Lemon, and Melissa oils. Cassia, in particular is what gives the oil a searing animalic feel without dulling the senses. I can’t get enough of the scent as its palable, tamed, and elusive. The combination of the oleaginous carriers accented by a true Amber stone (it floats in the bottle to channel a strengthening energy) adds to the dramatic tension on skin with a velvety wash of spiciness suspended between a sweet, ambery radiance atop and its arrestingly dusky core.

How this 100% organic oil imparts an expressionist effect —dreamy and seductive – is beyond me. Amber fans* rejoice.

*It is contraindicated for pregnant women or nursing mothers