In Fiore Veloutee Multipurpose Balm for Lips & Eyes

In Fiore is a San Francisco based, curatorial house of huile, run by Julie Elliott. If any brand were to secure the label of ‘luxury’ in the world of oils, this would be it. It’s here where I’d spend an unlimited cash flow, really. In Fiore operates with an artsy connoisseurship in mind; here you buy what no else truly has. Witty & wise, Julie has that intangible way of making even the most mundane of packaging, the most elegant of bottles, the easiest of oils, into brazen glamour with an unapologetic humility. Just look at that retro cool antiquely gilded compact! Decidedly hip & cool, wouldn’t you say so? The germ of her elevated basics? Sheer minimalism. The fun is in her discovery of rarified essences such as Broccoli, Coleus Forskohlii, and Japanese Bamboo. Yes, you’ve never seen these before because we haven’t either. In an oil or even in life. Julie embraces analogies between hand blended perfumery and bathing rituals – both intended to uplift and relax whether it in a fragrance, an oil or a balm. And, so In Fiore’s latest incarnation – Veloutee Multipurpose Balm for Lips & Eyes ($58) is a captivating two-timer that continues the tradition.

The lushly feminine balm is completely uncluttered conceptually as it combines the essences from Rose, Jasmine, and even Pink Peppercorn Fruit oils in such a way that you cannot detect a single note. It’s provocative and fun. There is a beguiling Rose accord that springs forth from within the scatterings of Neroli and Orange Flower. It’s likely the Rosa Bourbonia, a deliberate diversion with a lively sweetness, that lends the balm its enjoyable vibrance and warmth, but the absolutes are nimbly spliced together in such an orchestrated way that you may actually wonder just how long it took Julie to get it this right.

This cocktail of florals are nestled within Jojoba Seed oil, which has been infused with Calendula Flowers. Of late, I’m starting to develop a preference for infused oils over others as you truly do experience the longest lasting saturation of notes. While Beeswax gives it the balm its structure for use on lips, it’s still delicate enough to pat under eyes without the fear of clogging skin. And, what makes it different than other eye balms is its uniquely developed formulation:

The ingredients that make it suitable for the eye are the extracts: Broccoli extracts (which decreases dermal protein gylcation, acts as an effective natural photoprotectant, and reduces chronicle free radical damage), Coleus Forskohlii (which helps elevate skin’s cellular energetics) and Japanese Bamboo (bringing the anti-ager resveratrol). The Veloutée is very firm and the texture is less waxy, so it absorbs nicely into skin. I recommend applying around the orbital bone where the wrinkles really start going to town.

Added to the Jojoba are Carrot Seed oil for improving skin’s elasticity, Black Currant Fruit oil for high, high GLAs, and Marula oil as a moisturizing sealant. The balm spreads easily without tugging onto skin and absorbs instantaneously without leaving any high shine. As an added bonus, when used under eyes, the balm acts as a nice anchor for concealer or powder, as I didn’t crease up at all after 6 hours of wear.

Veloutee is a splendid approach to using natural raw materials and treating skin so decadently. In Fiore’s wonderfully imaginative, streamlined vision for oils and a taste for clean classics really is are a cut above the rest for their deliciously impossible aesthetic. I’m on my way to In Fiore’s Face oils, but know this…the brand is the epitome of the crossroads between luxury and sexy - uncommonly cool in all its senses, but so warmly received and loved by all.