In Fiore Décolleté Luxury Balm

Where once the options to protect and treat the décolleté’s fine skin were limited to an SPF during the day (annoying), thick, gloppy cream at night (messy), or a light chemical peel after 40 (expensive), now you have an oil-based option to address the signs of minor wrinkling and freckling with In Fiore Décolleté Balm ($50). Most women, for years, neglect the skin on the neck, skipping both SPF and moisturizer, unless their spa visits gave the area some much needed attention. Dr. Frances Jang, a cosmetic dermatologist from Vancouver, says the commonly overlooked V-zone (the area from the chin line to the cleavage) also needs its very own skin care regimen,
“Most clothing leaves the décolleté exposed, so it gets more chronic UV exposure than we’re aware of.”
The area never gets the attention it deserves. Did you know the skin on your décolleté is thinner, has fewer oil glands, and is more sensitive than the skin on the face? These combined make the exposed area vulnerable to the effects of sun damage.

If a balm could be perilously perfect in scent, this could be it. Not only does the Décolleté Balm intensely hydrate and firm up the neck’s crepiness and fine lining, its meticulous composition is an ethereal delicacy of sweet essential oils. The wondrously luscious core of the indolic Jasmine Grandiflorum and Rose Absolute unfolds with translucent layers of clarity and reaching a wonderful complexity. Just stroke again and again, and you’ll smell the hidden vintage glamour of these fantastical snares freshen up every time. Restorative and replenishing, ribbons of Frankincense and Myrrh run through the Jasmine lending the oil a balsamic and muscular depth. The vibrant mélange grows even warmer until a tender veil of Bergamot’s zing can be felt quietly. Interestingly, it is underplayed in its aromatic verdancy. It’s this cold-pressed Bergamot that facilitates the renewal of skin, encouraging the damaged skin to turn over.

The full bodied and expansive balm is a rapturous blend of Grapeseed, Jojoba, and Evening Primrose Oils with Rosehip added to help fade away the telltale signs of forgetful treating. Trust Evening Primrose for those dry, scaly patches, as the omega-rich carrier is superb for polishing these away. Beeswax gives the balm a moldable structure, one that does blend into skin after a light massage. Sensuous and smoldering, you’ll be enamored with the ephemeral aroma persists quite nicely. It's quiet, assured, and unfailingly elegant, and problematic since it's furthers my groupie-esque obsession with Julie Elliott’s curative designs.

In Fiore, again, proves it’s not just about functionality, but also about the art.