Fresh Sugar Body Oil

At Fresh, skilled mixologists are so well known for combining exotic essential oils with natural ingredients that they have staged an organic revolution in the world of luxury skincare. Every season organo-happy fans fervently await the shop’s innovations and delectable. And, in response to the brand’s fierce dedication to sourcing some of the world's zealously guarded rare elements from around the world, huile-istas have at one time or another toyed with the grand mistress of body oils - Fresh Sugar Body Oil ($45). With its relentless authority, this is a treatment that serves as the best introduction to anyone curious to try the joys of body oils.

Nestled deep within the Sweet Almond, Apricot, Sunflower and Jojoba oils is the seductive Evening Primrose oil. While the hallmark carrier oils are exceptional in their skill to nourish, the Sugar Body Oil is also dotted with extracts of White Lily, Calendula and Passionflower (to promote healing & repair). The Evening Primrose stands apart on its own merits. Science has shown the essential oil is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which aids with rejuvenation of skin while dramatically reducing fine lines & wrinkles. Evening Primrose helps with skin turnover to uncover new, fresh, untouched skin cells. I've never seen Omega-6 rich Passion Flower oil used as much as it should. Here's it's added tactfully to the bounty of fatty acids from the carriers.

When used regularly, you can expect to see your skin tone even out, which is perfect for those nasty nicks incurred from hurried shaving. The result is a grease-free body oil of medium viscosity imbued with a seemingly fresh & floral citrus, not the lemon-y tart kind. It's a polite, clean, nifty oil that doesn't seem complex in its structure, but is brilliantly rendered. A tamed, feminine scent for those wanting the cheerful platitudes of a sweetly uplifting of an oil without the granny-ness of scent. The precision of Fresh’s carrier characterizations will tempt you to try this oil even on the face. Compulsively sniffable, really if you can make out the White Lily extract. Now, more of that would awaken the senses wholly. But, really? The oil is quieter than expected from its name. But, also fuller in treatment than the department store, designer-of-the-moment varieties. This multitasking tratment (on hair it makes spa time all the more fun) certainly gives consumers their money's worth. And, it's because of this I'm slightly peeved at critics who rarely give Fresh its creative due.

Trust this enchanting oil for every day's intimate moments.