Essence of Vali Passion Massage and Bath Oil

Valerie Bennis, founder of Essence of Vali, debunks the notion that aromatherapy must equate to pricey luxury. Not to say, I don’t enjoy spending more than I should on my fine huilery. But, as a certified aromatherapist, she maintains an decidedly unpretentious practice of specialized holistic care through pure plant oils & extracts and takes inspiration from bowing down to her true passions - aromatherapeutic art. It's a feat many of us rarely do. She’s truly an enviable dream catcher; she left a lucrative corporate gig to spend time convincingly craft her oils locally in NYC while eliminating the need for any marketing middlemen to take her brand to the masses. Where to start with her collective of 9 oils designed to delicately adorn the skin and address the soul? With Passion, of course.

For spice enthusiasts, choose the Passion Massage And Bath Oil ($16), a body huile specifically dedicated to the excite libido and its waning whims. While this type of concern isn’t reserved for evening table talk, surely the boudoir will welcome a full, thrashing of Orange Zest upon its opening. It’s a lovely, fruity spiced up oil, not with any exotic absolutes, but an impeccably placed Patchouli, which won’t turn off anyone, even if the hippy-ish essence doesn’t usually appeal. But, the unscrupulously flirtatious Ylang Ylang is what brings out the depth from the 100% pure oil based in a pesticide-free Golden Jojoba oil. Yes, this point is often disregarded - a carrier free from grossly charged irritants. The sizable sweeps of Ginger Root oil strung quietly throughout the blend get to the helm of the heart and nicely elevate the scent. Very light-bodied in form, the oil really ought to be supersized, as it’s quite puzzling to see such a relative lack of body oils, which stoke those in-action desires deep enough to make a woman want to expose her claws without regret. This could one of such a few. Most think such an oil would need to be dense, dark, and brooding in character. Not quite, as Passion’s on-going warmth is comforting and rich. Vali’s Golden Jojoba is a refined one - it contains proteins, minerals and Myristic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory agent, leading to clean, clear and firm skin. It’s ability to extend the shelf-life of a body oil goes to waste here with Passion as you’ll be out of the easy-to-travel, plastic bottle within days.

The oil feels spankingly fresh, particularly when you need to furiously boost some downtrodden energy lurking about. Let the magic in.