Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil

Hair isn’t always strawy and stringy, but you shouldn’t wait until it gets like this to start using a hair oil. The Bollati family got this, when they founded Davines, a producer of professional cosmetic products for hairstyling salons taking inspiration from nature. And, they know nature’s not just pretty, but also proven to work when it’s technologically extracted, blended, macerated, and more. So, let hair sop up Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil ($48), a 99% organically pure hair oil free from nasty chemical fillers like sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, silicons, mineral oils, PEG and etoxilates.

It’s an odd thing to see consumers assume a product cannot be scientifically balanced and still yet very organic. Davines’ lab prove otherwise, as not only does the company insist on manufacturing with renewable energy, but it also maintains the ISO 9001 standard of quality. Yes, you get what you pay for as here, the products merge technology and creativity into an elegant whole. And, more. What makes the hair oil a stand out treatment is the organic Carthame Oil (aka Safflower), which is brimming with vitamin K, antioxidant vitamin E, and Omega 6. This spectacularly regenerative, nourishing, 100% botanical ingredient, more often hidden in nature than harvested, works to re-mineralize hair and skin. It’s an oil that has somehow avoided the hype-machine and fallen under the radar. Until Davines came along.

Davines amplifies Carthame’s moisture effects with Sesame Seed, Jojoba, and Sunflower Oils to form a medium-bodied, almost textural oil for hair’s dry ends and itchy scalp. The oil rinses out in one washing, even after a requisite 30-minute toweled up drenching. But, what you’ll love more than the hydrating core of carriers is the awesomely precise pin-top bottle, designed to protect the integrity of the Carthame Oil, But, unwittingly also allows droplets of oil to freefall from the minimalist bottle, allowing you to control exacting amount of oil needed. Why more manufacturers haven’t picked up on this handy plastic thing-y to prevent spillage is a surprise. And, surprisingly, even through the miniscule opening, a wonderfully weighty herbaceous scent comes through. Cedarwood Oil expertly plays off the plushy Lemon Peel and Orange Peel essences with a savory tang. Bergamot completes the seamless composition of the scent, though sniff deep and long enough, and you just might make out a quiet Neroli, which is more often seen as strong and vivid. A sharp accord of Eucalyptus does add an interesting nuance, as it stirs from deep within the core, and not in an offensive, medicinal way. Just asserting its presence among the absolutes. Actually, the essentials work in a genteel manner to create a middling herby scent that teeters between veins of citrus and woods. It's quite uncannily seductive.

The impeccably balanced oil is an exhilarating refresher for hair (and for the body as suggested by the brand) as really...if you aren’t treating your hair to a bi-weekly oil rinse, delivering it from the dulling effects of the environment or your over priced stylist...may shame be onto those frayed ends.