Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil

I’m going to thank Weleda with a proud proclamation. Thank you for saying it like it is. Too often, brands suggest such miniscule amounts for use, leading to bottles of straying, decaying oils on our vanity tables. Au contraire, as an oil should be used liberally, unabashedly, without fear, without regret. And, Weleda echoes this sentiment on Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil ($15) packaging: “For a re-conditioning intensive treatment, massage a quarter size to one third of a bottle into hair…”

Yes, it’s finally been said! The little pitter patter of oil droplets will surely nourish the spot strands it was lucky enough to cling onto. But, for a truly nourishing hair treatment, further heightened by intense and exacting essential oils, you’ll need to use up at the very least 0.5 ounces of oil all over scalp and into most of your hair. More, if you’re hair is longer than your shoulders, like mine. And, I did just that with Weleda.

Here, the Peanut Oil is an excellent emollient for dry patches, but fuller in viscosity and body and yet still washing out with 1.5 rinses. And, that the oil does. [Note to nutty sensitivities – yes, this may cause a reaction.] While the lushness Rosemary Leaf oil is what treats eczema well, the hair oil weaves in Clover extracts and Burdock Root to calm the irritated scalp usually seen from hair products that dry out your locks. All in all, they hug hair with a tickling tightness. The treatment is topped with a quiet helping of Lavender to soothe skin. The seamless harmony is green, grassy and light. It almost sparkles with an appealing freshness, but doesn’t overpower the senses at first whiff. Within minutes, Rosemary begins to settle down with the lingering Lavender accords, bringing out a fleecy breath of character and crispness. The emerald bottle, with its small, homely details, is quite eye-catching, but soothing upon opening the seal-proof top. Just warm, pour, and relax for 30-45 minutes.

A tenacious blend of charming absolutes add an extra sense of effortlessness and stand out from the copycat elixirs found elsewhere.