Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil

If Origins had fathered the mainstream notion of organic beauty, Weleda would be the first lady. All of us gathered around in a semi-circle on one sunny afternoon. It was the day a bottle of Weleda’s Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil ($28) had just arrived. What’s not to love about Weleda: ingredients are grown from their biodynamic gardens; they’ve supported fair trade for over 90 years before it was the status of new cool; they’ve earned the snappy approval from Natrue; is always devoid of unpronounceable synthetic compounds; and well, you know it...I know it, the products are just that respectably luxurious. And, this body oil doesn’t disappoint.

For starters, my musings with my fellow fragran-ista over the lack of a Sandalwood laced body huile have led to a search for a delicately balanced, vividly satiable one. Sandalwood should never be too overt to distract, but too immersed so you’re forced to sniff out its pleasantries. And, here is one such nicely crafted composition. Within a generous ribbons of Pomegranate See Oil are the most minute of Sandalwood lacings which yield an lovely karmic play between pure innocence and seductive carnality. And, no, it’s not my ethnocentricity (yes, I’m from the Motherland) that insists I prefer the cynosure of Sandalwood’s dark sensuousness over the norm. It’s just here, you’ll see how sweetly it seduces the Turkey-grown Pomegranate and takes a step back to insist upon an arrogant indifference. It knows. It feels. But, it doesn’t steal from the freewheeling Pomegranate, which seems to draw out a tangy zest under a glorious opening. The oil is decidedly unsweet without the pretense of its willowy elegance.

There’s spirit in this oil. It spreads easily & absorbs upon contact. Creating such a fluttery viscosity (meaning, it’s ok to use on hair), the preening Jojoba, Sesame, Sunflower, Wheat Germ, and Macadamia oils (all organic) make for one easily fun elixir. Do note what is deeply ensconced within this collective of staple carriers: Millet Seed Extract – a superb skin-conditioning agent which contains silicic acid to promotes the formation of collagen and elastin while helping to retain moisture. All in all, the extract succeeds in bringing a progressive evolution of fatty acids to moisture in one, deftly nourishing oil. In fact, Weleda's derms and their testing shows that the treatments accelerates natural skin renewal by 50% in just two weeks. What Weleda does well is stretch out the clash between fragility and strength, proving once again, when it comes to those existential pleasures from aromatherapy, quality counts.