Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm

The Brand
Revolution Organics is one of the rare few brands that has been approved to carry the hallmark of organic approval reserved for products that are at least 95% certified organic and whose formulation has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP). Products that contain between 70-95% can carry a label of ‘made with certified organic ingredients’ but cannot carry the USDA seal on the packaging. The USDA logo also represents the highest level of organic certification, starting from the soil that the plants are grown in to how they are harvested and processed.

The Product
Freedom Glow Beauty Balm ($34) should be on the vanity table of every multitasking makeup maven. It’s always a challenge to find that perfect lightweight oil to blend into cream blushes and lipsticks to create a nutritious beauty treat. But, now you can skip the mixmastering and select from three universally flattering shades to add a flush of colour anywhere on eyes, cheeks, and lips with a goof-proof application and get your oil fix allowing your skin to permeate a natural warmth and dewiness.

Why We Love It
Its free-from-chemicals, synthetics, and artificial ingredients roster is an appealing collective of pure, hydrating oils to make skin supple with a fantastically natural finish and no heavy greasy feel. Asserting a moisturizing base are 100% organic Coconut, Olive, Castor Seed, Sunflower Seed, Safflower, Soybean and Jojoba oils while organic Beeswax adds a semi-firm structure to help blend the colours seamlessly. Coconut oil keeps the skin smooth to touch and helps retain the moisture content of the skin, as its enormously high fatty acid content prevents any moisture from seeping through the pores on skin. The rest of the roster melds extraordinary amounts of Vitamin E, which is essential for a healthy skin growth, repair of wear & tear in the skin, keeping skin smooth and protecting against dry patches and above all, warding off those first signs of aging with its inherent antioxidant action. The balm is completely scent-free for those finicky noses. And, portability is always a plus.

The Colours
100% natural pigments are used to give skin an ethereal wash of luminous colour instead of a caked up look. Warmer skin tones will covet Sunkissed: a subtle coral with a gentle hint of an ambery undertone and a modest glimmer seen when the light strikes just right. Deeper skin tones will definitely want to add Bronzed: a luscious, sheer brown shade lacking any obnoxious 80s glimmer to distract from your chiseled cheekbones but bringing a hint of plum to deepen. All skins will appreciate Blushed: a ravishing tender rose with cooler tones designed perfectly to perk up skin through upcoming wintery doldrums. Gradual layers will help achieve a deeper intensity, but don’t resist the urge and match create your smart & tricky shades to suit every mood.

Hints & Tips
Do swipe the balm over a nude eye shadow primer onto lids for that glossy look without the heavy feel of Vaseline and lasting power. While lips will enjoy the bare kissed colour with or without liner, it’s the cheeks that will immediately look refreshed when blended over foundation. Fingers work just as well as your foundation brush, but a concealer brush will control the colouring on lids.

The Final Word
With a glazed finish and astonishing staying power, it’s the chic new way to embrace a brave new style.