Poetry Intimate Ritual Vellum Verse

While the organo-happy world of huile artisans have brought together recognizable movers and shakers, it’s the subtleties of niche brands which bring a myriad of sensory-provoking treatments that merit attention. Poetry Intimate Ritual is one such brand.

Less is more is the mantra for the Vellum Verse (1 & 2) body oils. What Tammy Parker, the founder of Poetry Bath, does so well is curate simplicity in an oil but complexity in the oil’s ingeniously elegant openings. It’s the influence of her own poetic journeys – endlessly surprising writings created in synergy with aromatherapies to slow down the hurried pace of today’s life in her own vein of laid-back, irreverent touch. Yes, the body oils do upset your priorities of slathering in a mad dash and moisturizing in a frenetic attempt to rejuvenate skin and they do it well.

They blend easily and absorb upon application. While Tammy offers two scented variations, Jojoba oil is the choice carrier for both medium bodied oils.  It is bright and golden in colour and is regarded as the most favored in the carrier oil family because of its advanced molecular stability. It also makes a great scalp cleanser for the hair, and is equally wonderful for the skin because it has absorption properties that are similar to our skin's own sebum. And, that’s where the similarities end. For those who enjoy the sultry Sandalwood, Verse 1 transports the Australian variety with Jasmine through a tapestry of mildly citrus notes. While the Sandalwood is almost imperceptibly present, the gradual warmth of scent assures you of its exotic underpinnings. On the contrary, the second incarnation, Verse 2, crackles on edge with the essentially classical Grapefruit intriguingly blended with Mint and Balsamic Needle, which lends a far more vivid composition, refusing to fall flat. The initial whiff can be deceiving. Be assured the mint doesn’t demand your attention, but gracefully evolves in a rustled crispness grounded by the warmth of the needling. Hours later, the light, zesty character scent still tugs at you. Both compositions have intricately choreographed essentials, but deliver a caressive touch.

These are oils with a rhetorical flourish. Don’t ask, just use.