Persephenie Datura Perfume Oil

For many, perfume oils might invoke mandatory muskiness and tacit vanilla; dense oils that breath heavy and cling with super long tenacity. Perfume oils are slower, but people don't congratulate their success in the same way as a fragrance. As is her norm, LA aromatherapist and perfumer, Persephenie Lea, shuns these rules and takes a different path, one that relishes the opportunity to create perfume oils that plumb the soul. Datura is one such ingeniously orchestrated oil.

The alchemy of this perfume oil transfixes you upon opening. Billowy spices rush forth but fleetingly before the temperamental Datura steals center stage as its flanked by the tiniest Lily accords and Jasmine, both writhing deep within. Once settled, the inimitable top notes simultaneously highlight the woodsy Sandalwood, which sinks into skin under its own pretentions. The oil, with its slick geometric facets, leaves you with a lingering, delicious finish as the composition lightens after its initial flourish expressing all of its absolutes to near perfection.

Datura is a stand out perfume oil that is restrained, stylish, and quite profoundly, well-edited and very much on par with the other sophisticated releases on the market. Bewarned, as the darkened roller bottle give you no notice when its near empty. Stroke on with  the cautious, olfactory risk of running out before you restock.