Mistral Verbena Bath & Massage Oil

For those of you, dear few, who are desirous of unabashed greenery in your day, Mistral Verbena Bath & Massage Oil ($14) is seemingly plucked from some obscure Provencal garden that bursts open with foresty herbal notes and promises to satiate the moss lover in you. And, while some you these traditionalists may argue it's slightly décalé way to bring about a cool floracy, Mistral’s Verbena does promisingly with a langorous lushness that you won't be able to write off as cliched.

Its traditional sprig facets are deeply ensconced within a sheer blend of organic Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Olive Fruit, and Sunflower oils, while a woodsy axis of Marigold, Lavender and Rosemary extracts complete the linear composition with added lacings of Shea Butter. Enormously high amounts of flavonoids found in Marigold (aka Calendula) have welcomed antioxidant properties that protect against skin-damaging free radicals, all the while stimulating metabolism of skin cells to help with skin regeneration. Yes, the good stuff to treat creeping signs of aging.

A natural parfum brings a tender dimension through the layers of absolutes, but provocative it’s not. Simple comfort is Verbena brings to skin in the form of a light texture that doesn’t detract from the kick of mint to its character. A sharp, green freshness with a tinge of lime envelopes skin without much effort, though don’t hope for the scent to persist. It’s instantaneously subtle, woodsy, and well….green. A crowd-pleasing, clever oil with the sexy allure of some long forgotten retro scent ready to be rolled on freely.