Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

Anyone who purports to be fan of oils in any form should know better than to keep Seabuckthorn at bay. I know I have. Truly, it’s a tough scent to qualify – some say mango, others say melon. A few say sweet, while a handful say it’s so distinctive, why even bother trying to classify it. Agreed. The one thing it is appreciated for is the oil's surprising lack of greasy slip and high powered doses of Omega 3, 6, 7, 9, vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, K, P, and a host of other 190 bioactive elements, all of which work synergistically to work on your skin pigmentation spotting or bouts of acenic skin. But, still that pungent scent has kept me away from considering any body oils until I met with Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn ($30).

Pure plant oils are softly weaved throughout the Jojoba & Tamanu oils, leaving a lovingly scented feeling with a mossy Vetiver, which parts slowly to reveal a cuddly Vanilla Bean. Sweet, the scent is not. No, it actually defies simplification, as the resulting scent more of a crisply scented, luxurious foliage ushering in autumn. It's warm without being heavy. It's fruity without arousing. It's gentle. It's naturalistic. And, it's still got a tang. The citrus is so far hidden that you’ll sniff twice to see if you actually missed out, which is a welcomed change from the banalities of an orange oil.

It does do a good job of calming those monstrously inflamed zits when they appear cyclically. The founders, Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia say:

We have been using this sea buckthorn in many of our formulas since 1994 and have found that the oil regenerates cells & protects against cell water loss. This oil is potent in hydrophyllic and lipophyllic antioxidants such as carotenoids, ascorbic acid and tocopherols. These carotenoids have been extensively studied for their photo-protective qualities as sunscreens and protectors against intrinsic damage. Super-critical sea buckthorn oil also contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds and phytosterols that reduce redness and help heal mucous membranes.

Jojoba oil, technically classified as a wax, is easily absorbed by the skin and is especially beneficial in treating such unwelcomed irritations. But, it's the Tamanu oil that brings out serious antimicrobial qualities, as proven in antibacterial and antifungal tests. It contains powerful bactericide and fungicide agents that defeat human and animal pathogens. Tamanu can be applied directly to skin, undiluted and can also help reduce scars left from a zit.

Did you know you can cleanse with this oil? Nadine offers the following tips:
  1. Wet a small portion of a face cloth with water. Squeeze it out.
  2. Apply one to two pumps of Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn to the dampened portion of the face cloth.
  3. Gently massage the face, neck and back of the neck with the moistened cloth. Wash gently or vigorously, depending on if you would like an exfoliating effect.
  4. Rinsing face is optional. But, do rinse cloth.
  5. Moisturize.
The embargo against SeaBuckthorn is finally over.