Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli Variations

Elusive and somewhat an outsider to the world of perfume oils, Lisa Hoffman has shot straight to the top ofhuile world. Awards from Allure, WWD, and even the prestigious FiFi Awards (the Oscars of the fragrance world) have situated this brand of esoteric perfume oils as a serious contender to the artistic form of fine oil-making. Tunisian Neroli Variations($95) is an engaging collective of highly concentrated essential oils and aromatic elements designed to be worn alone or layered in a symphonic synergy.

For those new to perfume oils, expect to see concentrations of 15-30% essential oils, which are immersed within an oil base as opposed to alcohol base. This is in a sharp contrast to the department store EDT versions, which offers a measly 4-10%. Here, 4 different pulse point oils - morning, day, evening, and bedtime – evoke an unpredictable interpretation of Tunisian Neroli imbibed with tempting essences that evolve in depth.
“Fragrance should be applied to pulse points: wrists, crook of the arm and knee, base of the throat, and right behind the ear. Pulse points are where the blood runs closest to the skin, so it gives off more heat, which acts like a scent diffuser."
Your senses change, so why not your floral whims? Each vial shifts in composition depending upon the arc of Neroli:
  • Morning: A piquant-floral Neroli is softened by hints of Gardenia but balanced by a mildly citrus-y Blood Orange. The offshoot is sweeter as the guarded Gardenia lovingly warms the Neroli.
  • Daytime: The spicier, musked up Neroli is near giddy with a full-bodied bent thanks to Golden Amber, Ylang Ylang, and Orange Nectar blended well but to a lighter degree. A bit more raucous, yet delightfully so.
  • Evening: Vanilla brings a subdued candied warmth to Neroli. If any of these had to be a body oil, this would be my choice. It’s a sculpted blend showing off the contrast between the notes, ending with a sultry finish.
  • Bedtime: To help you slumber, a combination of woods and musk has a slightly jarring effect on the Neroli, pushing the blossoms into another dimension. Not quite dark, but quite more mysterious.
The perfume oils are largely created from popular bases – Sesame Seed, Jojoba, Macadamia Nut, and Rice Bran oil among others. Nestled within this core of carriers is also Acai Pulp Oil, which is rich in Vitamins B, C and E. And, while you won’t use this melange of Neroli to treat skin, it’s nice to know your pulse points will get fresh dollops of antioxidants, rather than patchy reactions from alcohol. Surprising crests of clean, poetic taunts of Neroli are felt when layered, as no two swathings yield  the same results. Ever. As such, the skittery perfume oils are starkly modest but never tentative in spirit And, because Lisa plys her craft of oils far too deep in obscurity, I say these under the radar luxuries, for once, need to get to the masses. And, soon.

*PS - Lisa Hoffman Beauty is pleased to announce they are donating 100% of Tunisian Neroli sales to the National Breast Cancer Coalition for the month of October.