Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Fragrance Oil

Rosie Jane’s rise to popularity sounds like a fairy tale. A cosmetic line that started out with a small cheeky gloss has turned into a cult brand, fastly charming some of Hollywood heavy hitters (Jennifers Aniston & Garner are among the countless fans) and driven the little company, that could, towards the some major press attention. Leila Lou - A Fragrance ($39) is one fabulous gem of a perfume oil with some serious pared down minimalism and a sense of something well-crafted.

Leila Lou underscores its emphasis on quality and exclusivity and proves to be a sensational affirmation of how a pocket-sized perfume oil can outrival those alcohol filled, mall cart varieties, which are so garish in spirit & style, they point to the amateur. The 100% essential oil dazzles with a flourishing Pear Blossom, which is giddy to no end. The light fruity-floral interpretation has a delectable feel to it, though it doesn’t take long for the well-conceived Tangerine to rush forth and meld the top note into something a bit more sexy. Neither fruity accord has to be at odds with each other, as both round out the oil with a near palpable silkiness. But, the highlight of the oil truly comes when it settles onto skin like a shimmering peridot and warms up with a grassy, almost pulsating Vanillic finish.
Ooh, la la, I like...
The end is both seductive and suspicious, as I can’t quite make out the cotton musk, but that’s the thing about perfume oils – without those artificial solvents, the results tend to smell intensely saturated and perhaps may skip over the delicate unfoldings of the intended musky warmth. Well, it did so on me. Imagine if you could, a sparkly opulence bottled. Why else to like Rose Jane? She shuns packaging for this petite beauty in favour of saving the planet from unnecessary greenhouse gassing and wasteful packaging. And, once you’ve run empty of your first three bottles, your fourth is her way of saying thanks for the loyalty if you send them back.

Who won’t be vulnerable to such a light fruity pleasure?