Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy

Perhaps, one of the most irresponsible ways to shop for a lip treatment is to snatch n’ grab at your local gas station. Forget the price. Forget the ingredients. Forget the intent. Just smack n’ go. Well, not for you, the discerning huile-ista. No, for you, even a single essential oil added to a body of butenes wouldn’t be enough. Which one to add? Sunflower Seed oil to help dry lips retain moisture? How about Olive Fruit oil to nurture your puckers with antioxidants? What about Castor oil to penetrate deeper? Oh, heck, while we’re at it, why not dream up a balm with all of these and some Beeswax, Carnuaba Wax, any other fun wax with dollops of Shea? Sure, a girl a can dream, right?

No need to dream for the impossible when you reach for Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy ($20). In short, yes, it has that long list of aforementioned oils and more to end the annoying but chronic peeling of lips. As the temp drops and chappy lips become the norm, why this balm matters is because deep within the folds of the crystalline oils is also Retinyl Palmitate aka Retinol aka the tried n’ tested holy grail of skin cell turnover. Not only does your pout get moisturized with the much needed moisture rich oils, but dry skin is sloughed off faster to reveal more supple lips. Retinyl palmitate is about 20 percent less potent than retinol, according to the experts behind the website Truth in Aging, which means this lip treatment won’t irritate sensitive skins either. Non-tacky in texture, full-bodied in feel, it’s a welcomed balm for using over those hideously drying lip stains, which give super long lasting power without the requisite glaze. This will do the deed just fine with its juicy screech of mint emanating from within.

Naturally coloured with Beet Root extract, fortified with fatty acids, structured with Shea & Wild Mango butters, can you conjure up a more astonishingly perfect balm? I can’t…skew your Chapstick aside for the next person you'll kiss...