ISUN Gemstone Body Oils

Beware: ISUN will leave its mark on you. Not, just on your skin, but also on your soul & psyche. And, not through Bunnie Gulick’s basic body oil, but through her wildcrafted, purely organic herb mixtures unleashed through the lens of your karmically charged gemstones. The artist, in fact, has left several marks on self-fashioning huile aficionados. Once you’ve tried her Skin Restore, you can’t imagine using anything but purely infused oils created in small batches with completely chemical-free formulations. It’s ISUN’s signature high-conceptualism-meets-oil infusion technique that will drive an aversion for the norm – here restorative herbs & flowers are meticulously immersed within nutrient-rich oils for weeks on end resulting in deeply sensuous finishes.

And, then there are ISUN’s Gemstone Body Oils ($40), using the same, incidental intelligence with essential oil infusion, but with the added energy of crystals and minerals to connect and enliven one of your nine chakras, or energy centers. Infused oils are crafted by steeping (macerating) the whole herb (harvested at the peak of its potency) in a carrier oil. No fluff and toss job here, as the infusion takes place from 6-8 weeks at a minimum. Why crystals? Nature’s own rocks synergistically help boost the healing powers of both the oil and of the essential oil and replensish what life has sapped out of you. At first, you frown. Really, crystals and oils? Have I gone haywire over mismarketing? Not at all, as once you compare a truly infused oil with the mass produced ones, you palpate the difference in texture and scent right away. Therapeutic value aside, these scented oils are aromatic trophies on their own. Some have complex scents; others have structured coherence in depth. All of them are executed with a meditative motif around a center stone. Innovative without being gimmicky. Bunnie says:

“The oils are based on the principle that we are surrounded with different stimuli each day that can affect our state of balance in the way we feel about things (our emotions), how we feel about things (our mind), and what’s happening in our bodies. As we shift and change in response to our surrounding stimuli, what is needed in the moment to create balance also changes.”

For a brand that has flown under the radar for longer than it should have, ISUN brings us a serendipitous collective of Vitamin E, curative enriched body oils. Why haven’t we come across these before? Indeed, nothing is quite certain with oils, as much like fragrances, each one tends to flourish variably according to skin. So, where to begin with these arresting, densely layered Gemstone Body Oils? Blissed out readers will want to start off with these:

Fiercely loyal Lavender lovers will want this oil. So, will type A personalities, like yours truly. Aiming for your 7th Chakra to calm and purify the mind by removing the heaviness of the day’s doldrums, this Lavender is done so, so right. Between the superbly moisturizing Sunflower and Olive oils is a deepening composition of organic herbs. Infused with the fractionated Coconut Oil are Lavender Flowers, Sweet Basil, Red Clover, Hyssop, Malva Flowers and Goji Berry. The oil continues this sweet cascade of florals with saturations of Passion Flower, Geranium, Bergamot, and Rose oil. If the mystery of Rose and the elegance of Geranium can harmonize an essence, it’s Lavender. While the fruity notes part ways for the single lashings of Lavender and genuine Amethyst gemstone, they don’t remain hushed in silence, but quietly undeniably stand-offish in the backdrop. And, the tactile warmth from within? That’s the barely-there balsamic note of Franckincense oil. Simply sublime. There’s a spontaneous dimension to this herbal scent with an approach to Lavender I’ve never seen before. The infusion is deliberate with its intent to liberate your beautifully balanced, relaxative emotions even in the most hyperactive of users (ahem…me). And, impeccably it works.

Rose Quartz Energy
For your 8th Chakra (the etheric heart), the Rose Quartz crystal channels its uplifting energy through Rosehip, Sunflower, Coconut, and Meadowfoam carriers sheerly and happily. The wildcrafted infusion here begins with lushly erotic Pink Rose Buds and Petals and a tangy Lemon Balm are saturated within Grapeseed and Fractionated Coconut Oil, while Jasmine Grandiflorum, Chamomile, and Rosemary play second fiddle to the spiritually opulent top notes. But, the zest isn’t from the Lemon Balm alone. Lemon and Grapefruit essentials complement the wafts of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani and Rose absolutes. While I haven’t even attempted to waft through the rest of the collection, this would be my first choice. The candied sweetness is crisp and sparkling, glossy yet restrained. The base notes from the essential oils speak so softly to skin through an airy composition, I cannot help but sniff again...apply again...and repeat, again.

Garnet Energy
Of this triumvirate, Garnet’s moody stone moves deeper into a flair for the abstract with a dramatic vibrancy from Goji Berry, Rhubarb Root, Cardamom, Licorice Root, Gotu Kola with the furtive tang of Nettle are immersed within Sesame and Rosehip bases. While Sesame, Hemp Seed, Avocado, and Jojoba create a sculptural fix of fatty acid rich moisture, it’s the essentials that create the energy. The steeped creaminess of Sandalwood becomes apparent on the dry down while the layering fanciful absolutes of Amryis, Ginger Root, and Budhawood are obvious, but hard-to-tease out complements. But, it’s the Cardamom that brings out the insanely intoxicating overtone tempering the essences to perfection. All in all, the gorgeously aromatic oil shrewdly plays off these atypical essences to achieve an organic roundedness, one that faithfully parallels the energy of its namesake stone. If skin could be bejeweled with the lore of an illusionary oil, it’d be with this smashing blend and its masterful result.

Join me through a journey for the oil at a time.