Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir Seductive Make Love

From the exotic expanses of India hail the ancient science of energy & balance – Ayurveda. Intelligent Nutrients brings this 5000-year tradition to craft a deliciously sexy oil - Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Total Body Elixir Seductive Make Love ($30) - which is incomparable to anything else in the marketplace. Seriously, the 95% organic oil deftly improves any paradise thus far. Enfolded deep with the Jojoba, Castor Seed, Safflower and Apricot Kernel carriers is a lot of venerable essential ones bringing a heartening warmth when applied. But, there’s no New Age fare here. Extraordinarily high in Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, there’s also Red Raspberry Seed oil, which a superb anti-oxidant as it contains 83% essential fatty acids and brings high levels of Vitamin E, both of which promote skin repair and conditioning.

There’s no New Age fare among the essences. Top notes of Nutmeg and Clove immediately transport the senses to a far off time. Uniformed and balanced, Vanilla adds a silky sweetness, which is touched off by currents of Blackberry. Despite a deluge of rare essences, the oil has a homely feel about it. There’s no overt earthy scent, as one might expect from blending commonplace absolutes from India. Intelligent Nutrients also adds tinctures of Black Cumin, Red Grape, and Pumpkin Seeds, which have been slowly cold-pressed to preserve the intricacies of their anti-aging properties. They are ripe. They are full. They are potent. With the bustling animalistic energy of the Cumin to complement the amplified Clove, the lightweight oil is breathtakingly lovely. The sharply spicy accords play happily on skin to lighten the mood at first, but vanquish on the finish. As always, Intelligent Nutrients brings us a vivid oil is devoid of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates and even any artificial fragrance.

With a bright marriage between age-old essentials and new world technology, the overwhelming profusion of nutrients, which are intelligent, indeed, give you a heartfelt reason to Make Love. Get your groove on.