Creo Care Nano Pro-Tec Hydrating Body Oil

Creo Care is a brand where organic ingredients meet at the racy intersection of science and technology. While most oils are hand blended by impassioned artists who have honed their serious craft of aromatherapy (and sometimes marketed more by flashy PR releases than honest storytelling), Creo Care focuses on harvesting the superantioxidant power of germinated seed extracts, which have higher antioxidant activity than those extracts from non-germinated seeds. Germinated seed extracts are much more water soluble, making it easier to penetrate skin. Its this use of germinated seed extracts in the proprietary Creoplex antioxidant blend that brings the highest level of polyphenolic activity (from potent, stable, plant derived antioxidants in the Nano Pro-Tec Hydrating Body Oil ($25).

Too techy for you? Then, let’s get to what you know and love best – the oils. Expertly weaved together within an aluminum bottle (to protect the oils) are cold-pressed, 100% vegan Apricot Kernel, Rose Hip Seed, Borage, Kukui Nut, and Argan oils with ribbons of germinated seed extracts from Sunflower and Grape. Of the lot, Borage is known to have the extraordinary concentrations of Gama-Linolenic Acid, the most essential skin lipid for cellular regeneration, while Grape Seed extracts are fabulous for drier skins, as they contain compounds that stabilize the collagen and elastin in your skin so that their chemical structure is not disrupted. To this, a completely natural fragrance is added to enliven the senses.

Our pick is the Vanilla Orange variation, which evokes a transparent effervescence on skin. Robust notes of Orange lend an interesting twist to a quiet Vanilla, which blurs the line between a purely citrus wash and lush green one. The result is a semi-sweet oil, bursting with a two-fold heady sweetness reaching for a some intangible harmonic balance. It's simple, succinct, and fun.

Architectural in precision, Creo Care brings a lightly viscous oil peppered with tang, but bares all audacity at its heart; a treatment solely credited to the cleverly constructed, technologically sound oils.