Aromatherapy Associates Purifying Facial Scrub

The Brand
Aromatherapy Associates brings over 30 years of holistic practices with sustainable sourcing of its ingredients, with raw materials found from far, far remote places in the world. And, quite simply, their naturally scented products give unexpected injection of heady intoxicants transforming every day necessities into extraordinary luxuries.

The Product
Purifying Facial Scrub ($38) is a normalizing and antiseptic scrub using all natural jojoba beads, which is used instead of nut allergies, which can cause allergies. Because they are 100% completely spherical, they don’t scratch up skin like other scrubs, leaving skin raw & sensitive. These microscopic cuts can result in premature wrinkles and provide an entrance for bacteria into the skin's surface or irritation from strong skin care serums. Oilier skins will see a decrease in their T-zone slick thanks to essential oils - Geranium and Petitgrain – which work on regulating overactive sebum production.

Why We Love It
In addition to being oil-based, which is less harsh on skin than oil-free exfoliants, the treatment also uses Aloe Leaf Juice to soothe and Kaolin Clay to draw out any icky impurities stuck within your pores. Corn granules also work with the Jojoba beads to deliver deeper exfoliation, while Orange Flower Water brings the moisturizing base.

The Texture
You won’t see hard-as-nails in this formula, as its far more gentle than those drugstore variations. With a soft, creamy base, you can actually use the scrub on its own without feel like your scrubbing with sandpaper.

Yes, it’s gentle enough to use around the edges of eyes, for those of you prone to milia. Using your ring finger for a quick sweeping massage, both Corn granules and Jojoba Beads dissolve dead skin under eyes leaving a smoother feel with skin conditioning agents.

The Final Word
Elegantly diversified in its essential oils, you’ll quickly develop a deep appreciation for these finely milled ingredients and renewed skin.