Talluhah Jane Natural Body Oil

Eleanor Jane’s quest for the perfect oil may never cease. And, that's a good thing. She enjoys blending extremes, and she never differentiates from classic scents and traditional statements. It's this pursuit of balanced organic scents that has attracted quite a crowd following; her botanical perfumes only employ the finest extracts from sustainable plants and trees. Her brand is a hidden gem of luxury, smartly devoid of kitschy, kitschy cute marketing. With 100% wild crafted essences used in all of her poetic list of products, the brand almost seems to echo a narrative behind each creation. It’s with this type of conscientious attention and declarative precision that she creates her line of body oils: a capsule collection that unites intellectually scintillating essences you crave with the bursting energy you want to feel.

Tallulah Jane’s Tallulah Body Oil ($38) is the niche brand’s signature scented oil. And, for those you accustomed to my Twitter rants about why has Tuberose been that one essence body oil artisans have ignored, you can finally rest easy knowing I’ll never tweet about this again. And, that’s because this puritanical masterpiece celebrates just that. Challenging the paradigms of Jasmine (the preferred Sambac variety is my guess) is an ample bounty of Tuberose, which imparts a tricky mélange of sunny citrus with a cuddly spice from within. The blatant juxtaposition of the two essentials brings a mesmerizing intricacy, turning the traditional Jasmine staple into an exciting one with vitality and pomp. This is Eleanor’s stylistic trademark – taking the ordinary into some heightened form of extraordinary.

And, what profundity in a 100% natural, synthetic free, and totally vegan oil. While the rapidly penetrating Jojoba oil is the backbone of nourishment, Camelina, Meadowfoam Seed, and Pomegranate Seed Oils keep the oil interestingly dewy and rich with line-fighting elements, such as Vitamin E. Pomegranate Seed oil brings those favourite essential fatty acids (65% Pucinic acid), but also loads of antioxidants which work synergistically to revitalize dull skin. Camelina Oil helps to repair damaged cells, increase elasticity in the skin, and protect hair follicles. The oil is a light-bodied one with a nice slick to it. All in all, the scented elements calmly put all the soft textures into perspective: skin is given a requisite sensory lift with a lilting rapturous sense. Through the oils, the creamy Tuberose brings a heartbreaking delicateness, which is what I’ve been seeking out high n’ low.

Guess all good things come to those who wait. Tallulah is sensible, but in a very sophisticated, playful and feminine way. But, then, again, there are four more ways to play...

Keeping the primary composition of the oils consistent throughout the rest of the collection, Eleanor gradually layers a strikingly different fragrance motif to satisfy those who scoff at stereotypical essences with the most deadpan of noses. Yes, she’s a creative purist at heart. Take for instance, Aiyana, which is a versatile flourish of Moroccan & Rock Roses weaved with Vanilla, together incredulously restless and creamy at heart. They evoke spontaneous, gestural abstractions in warm, saturations with a transparent flash of Pear forming an aromatic veil of pure love. Quite seriously, the tenderness is profound here.

In contrast, Halona brings a formal blend of spicy Ginger and effervescent lime, which warms the skin with a plush, excitable scent. Far less heavy, if you think spicy means overpowering. No, the muted sensuality is seizing without being cloying. It’s a lovely bias towards a tamed exoticism, which will stylishly edit preferences for the unique. If greater depth is what you desire, Gotham quenches the longing. Nicely composed Rose and Patchouli cleverly uses Bay of Bengal & Bloomsbury for a thorny-spicy scent which seems to be unusually smoked, but slightly so. It’s a tamed Patchouli, but original and refreshing as it underlies the lush roses lending more of a dimensional bent than full blown accord.

And, for the citrus-lovers, 333 is a holy triumvirate of variegated notes from Citrus Tree, Neroli, Petitgrain and Bitter Orange, all seamlessly weaved throughout diaphanous layers of Chamomile and Lavender. With a succinct linear motif, no one essence is isolated here. It’s a fantastical aromatic elixir, which sparkles upon opening but fades away into a solitary, soft chord. An unostentatious rhapsody in C(itrus) major.

Palpable and fresh in scent, regenerative at the core, bejewel your skin with an ineluctable sense of comfort. Ladies choice.